Dear family, friends, cyclists and other readers,
The tour… packing, pedaling, sweating, asking people for information, route planning, unpacking, stretching, cleaning us and our bikes, resting, fixing our gear, maintaining our bikes, doing laundry, eating, sleeping… taking in the impressions of the day, fighting with exhaustion, trying to stay on top of our health, being overwhelmed by beauty and diversity of people, scenery and customs…
The tour has been put on hold in beautiful Colombia. Our butts are off the saddle and we decided to stay here for a while. Only the nose knows what will happen.

All beloved at home and all the lovely people that we met on our trip, thank you so much for your inspiration, support, anticipation, warm thoughts and positive words.




We are currently in:
We rode through:
California 03.12.-12.02.09
877 km
Mexico 12.02.-11.08.09
2445 km
Guatemala 11.08.09-27.10.09
475 km
El Salvador 27.10.09-09.11.09
369 km
Honduras 09.11.09-11.11.09
138 km
Nicaragua 11.11.09-02.12.09
378 km
Costa Rica 02.12.09-28.02.10
758 km
Panama 28.02.10-16.03.10
523 km
Colombia 20.03.10-
1526 km
TOTAL: 7492 km
Our project in San Pedro Guatemala:
|Helping disabled children
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