01.04.09 Mexico: San Blas
We got here in San Blas on 30.03. and decided to stay until tomorrow. Our accommodation is really nice and the town is pretty. We spent a lot of time at the square. There are lots of loud exotic birds. On our way we passed a laundry store. There was a scale hanging down from the ceiling with a washing basked attached. They weigh the clothes to be able to charge the right amount. When we passed, there was a little baby lying in that basket, swinging gently back and forth, having a nap... So cute! The Easter traffic on the roads is really crazy from 05.04.-12.04. So we decided not being on the road during that time. We could leave our bikes and our gear in the hotel and thought of exploring some places by bus.
Resume: stay in San Blas
LINK: Photos 0399-0403
02.04.09 Mexico: Tepic
We organized cardwood boxes for our gear, packed and left to the bus station, leaving to Tepic, which is the capital of Nayarit. It is a 1.5hr bus ride. As soon as the bus the left, they started playing a movie... They don't waste any time. The road was winding and it went uphill. All in a sudden we heard a big bang. An oncoming military truck hit the outside mirror of the side of the bus, driving to close to the bus. We stopped and all the passengers had to wait for the next bus going from San Blas to Tepic. The next one came about 1,5 hours later. We just fit all in... After a while we arrived in Tepic. The city was higher up in the mountains and the temperature was cooler. We walked about 20 min to the city center and passed a huge sugar cane factory on our way, a big Coca Cola factory was almost beside it. What a coincidence... I have never seen a big factory in the center of a city. It was just right in town with its 4 chimneys. So, the factory was closer to the city center than the bus station. We found a nice hotel and started to explore the city. There was a proud cathedral right next to the square and the market. On the square were lots of pigeons, little children were chasing them and went crazy. The streets and the square were quite wide, there was more space than in other cities. There was no street food and hardly any restaurants Where do people eat? But there were shops, shops and more shops! Stuff, stuff and more stuff... People can buy shoes, clothes, hats, sunglasses, boots, hand bags and electronic items. There are also lots of hairdressers and pharmacies. In one shope they sold furniture and motorcycles in the same shop, displayed right next to each other. People were playing loud music. We have seen it lots of times, that armed security men are standing in front of banks. They are there the whole day, watching...
Resume: bus from San Blas to Tepic.
LINK: Photos 0404-0407
05.04.09 Mexico: Tepic
We woke up in the morning and the traffic was crazy already. Lots of buses and cars were standing still and were tooting their horns, but nobody could move, so they kept tooting and tooting... Normally traffic policemen direct the traffic, whistling their whistle the whole day. After I had been to three different pharmacies getting creams for my legs that didn't work, I went to a doctor as my legs were still so itchy and burning from all these bites, still after almost a week... Here, people don't need an appointment. I just walked through the empty waiting room into the doctor's office, the door was open. It didn't take a minute and he started his consultation. No mucking around, that's for sure. The consultation cost USD 1.60. He suggested to give me an injection for a quicker result. So I went to a pharmacy, bought the liquid and also the syringe and went back. Quick and simple. We haven't seen any American tourists in that city. On the square there is a life band playing twice a week. Most of the music is Cumbia style. People started dancing and the square was really packed. They are having their fun. We realized that there were not many bars in town, people don't seem to drink much alcohol here. A man passed us on the sidewalk playing his guitar. Every place has been so different. Tomorrow we take the bus to Tequila...
Resume: Stay in Tepic.
LINK: Photos 0408-0417 , videos 059-061
06.04.09 Mexico: Tequila
In Tepic we took a taxi to the bus station. On our way the taxi driver was offered a windscreen wash, people wanted to sell food and other stuff. I guess, when people drive to work they get there with a clean car and a full tummy. It was a 3.5 hr bus drive from Tepic to Tequila. We left at noon. As soon as the bus left the driver got the music going really loud. I know in other countries people would complain about the volume but here everybody is really into it. While the bus stopped people hopped in and tried to sell ice-cream, cookies and other things. We were climbing, higher and higher, we passed lots of agave fields. At 4.45pm we arrived in Tequila. The temperature was much warmer here and the air was much drier. What a cool town! What was first? The name of the town or the drink? It was the town. In this town they started producing the booze. Now they also produce Tequila in more than 20 other locations in this state, Jalicio. There was one Tequila shop next to the other. After we checked in in a hotel we walked along the main road. We haven't even been here for one hour and we were almost drunk already! The shop owners offer little samples of different kinds of Tequila, so we kept trying, walking from shop to shop. By the end of the road I felt like singing... We were looking for a restaurant. It took a while until we found one. Where do people eat? Or do they just drink Tequila here??? Most of the houses are really colourful. As the clock had been changed yesterday to summertime and Tequila is in a different time zone, we had two more hours of daylight. While we were having dinner at a restaurant, we got a free drink with water, lemon, salt and Tequila. A Mexican band played at our neighbours table. They had it all figured out. One had an accordeon, the other ones a drum, a base and a guitar. They kept playing and playing, everybody likes loud music... Am I repeating myself here??? We spent the rest of the evening at the square watching the people. Easter holiday has started, the square was loaded with people. It was so much warmer in the evening than in the cities along the coast. We saw one hotel, where you had to walk streight through a Tequila shop to get there. What a temptation each time you leave the hotel or each time you get back... CHEERS!!!
Resume: bus from Tepic to Tequila.
LINK: Photos 0418-0440 , videos 062-064

11.04.09 Mexico: Guadalajara
We spent one more day in Tequila before we head to Guadalajara. There were lots of people in this town. We joined a Tequila distillery tour. First they get the agave, they cut off all the leaves until only the root is left. Then they bake them until it gets really sweet and juicy. They make also sirup out of that. They squeeze the juice out and of the fiber they make paper, cussion filling and clothes. Then yeast gets added to the agave wine. They distill it twice and let age in barrels. It depends on the kind of wood and of the time of aging what colour and taste the Tequila has at the end. We could taste the Tequila in its different stages. At the end of the tour we got a margarita offered. What a nice education...

The next day at noon we took the bus to Guadalajara. We passed lots and lots of agave fields. Imagine all the booze they produce... After one hour we arrived in Mexico's second biggest city. Guadalajara has about 5 million people. With its horses and carriages it makes it a romantic city. There were no people on bikes anymore. No hammocks either and no street food. It is a cosmopolic city and has lots of old (up to 400 years old) buildings. It seems to be like any other big cities in different parts of the world, not really typical Mexico. The center has lots of churches and you can go shopping everywhere... So many people! It is Semana Santa and everybody is out. Normally I love the busy street life, but today is actually the first time where I felt tired of people and I felt the overload of all the stuff, colours and noises on markets, shops and stands. They also have TV everywhere. Soo many noises and colours... But what can I say, we are in the second biggest city of Mexico and it is Semana Santa. :-) We could hear the horses in the morning. We checked out the central market with its over 3000 stands. Food is offered everywhere, all kind of food and stuff like, boots, hats, hand bags, sun glasses, clothes... Little chilrdren were selling stuff on the streets. They were only about 7 years old and are in business already. While we were walking over the market, everybody tried to sell us food. They listed us what they have got, it actually sounded like Tibetan mantras. There was so much stuff... and image all that stuff will be sold some time, while new stuff gets produced. Afterwards we went to a green park. It felt good being in nature, having all these tall and old trees around us. We had a rest on the grass and did some yoga. This was lover's park. Around us were 6 couples, kissing, cuddling and rolling over each other. It was really romantic. One couple played Backgammon on the grass. Tomorrow we are heading back to San Blas, the craziest holiday traffic on the roads will be over and we are excited to get back on our bikes!
Resume: bus from Tequila to Guadalajara.
LINK: Photos 0441-0473 , videos 065-066

12.04.09 Mexico: San Blas
We arrived in San Blas in the afternoon, back in the wetlands. Loads of young people waited for us to get out of the bus so they could get in. Loads and loads of people were still leaving. They must have had a real good party here. This place must have been so packed. When we walked over the square people were still cleaning up, the air smelled like garbage. People are recovering...
Resume: bus from Guadalajara to San Blas.
14.04.09 Mexico
We delayed our departure for one day as somehow we met a mean bartender and whenever we opened our mouths he made it happen that Margaritas were sneaking in...Back on our bikes today! We really left San Blas, rode through the wetlands again, passed a crocodile farm and all of a sudden the scenery has completely changed. We were in the tropics, palm trees everywhere, lots of mango and banana trees and lots of other plants. It was so green here. We could see the mountains in the distance. There were all these street food stands again on the side of the road. We stopped for coconut juice and fruits. So many birds were singing. The scenery kept changing. We rode through the dryness and after a while through lots of farmland. Our destination for today was Las Varas. When we arrived there Bhinti got a flat tire, about 200 meters in front of a inexpensive hotel. Is this bad or good luck??? We had some simple street food for dinner. I like the simplicity. Nobody seems to worry, nobody minds, there seem to be hardly any rules, they like their music and they all seem to get along very well. I haven't experienced any anger in the people. I was wondering if there is such a thing like a building code. Our room seemed to be the answer. It was full of wires going from the light switch half across the room into the ceiling. The same happened to the fan. As I switched it on it started to wobble. This is not the first wobbly fan. Most of them look like they will fall of andy minute, but they don't. While we were strolling through the streets we saw a man with a pick up truck selling 'Churros', kind of pastry baked in oil. All he had was a gas bottle, a microphone and loudspeakers, and off he goes... The mexican cars... most of have many missing parts. It looks like they fall apart they still move just perfectly. Why is it the law in other countries that people have to warrant their cars and make sure everything works? Here, the cars work just fine, no sweat! When we went to bed, we moved carefully as our mattress was so lumpy and one spring was sticking out... Why bother?
Resume: San Blas-Las Varas, 65km, 41 degrees
LINK: Photos 0474-0484 , video 067
15.04.09 Mexico
After we fixed the flat tire we left Las Varas. We experienced a lot of Easter traffic, being back on a busy road. So we stopped in a beach town called Guayabitos. Tourists, tourists, and tourists... We saw a packed campground with lots of Mexicans. One tent right next to another. If we stay on that campground that means we cannot leave our tent because we would need to look after our stuff, we probably couldn't even leave it for dinner. So we started checking out the hotels. After we checked about 15 hotels that were all booked out and the traffic on the road was quite bad we decided to stay on the packed campground. Right next to the campground was a trailer park that was closed. Somehow I couldn't help it and I tried to open the steel gate, it opened and I saw a nice big empty space. We actually thought that the trailer park and the campground belong together. We checked in at the campground and just helped ourselves to open that closed gate and we pitched our tent. A man was looking at us, he was quite confused. After a while he started talking to us in Spanish. Telling us that this park is closed and it is for Americans and Canadians only. He didn't want any Mexicans here as they are trouble, he said. The way he said it made me laugh. At the end he let us stay there, we got our money back from the campground next door. Here we are, around us madness and party, people everywhere and we could stay in an empty private and secure park. We were so lucky!!! The showers were not in service as this park was normally closed. All Americans and Canadians had left about a month ago. We just had an outside shower with cold water. Perfect! Here we were! In that crowded place, all the hotels (the city has about 60 hotels...) are booked out, the campground next door is packed and we have a trailer park only for us. We checked out the beach. What a great experience, I have never seen anything like that: People, people, people! Everybody brought their umbrellas and chairs. There is no reason you would have to leave the beach. Everything was there, everything gets brought to you! Fish, shrimps, meat, candy, oysters, fruit, juices, swimming tubes, air mattresses, toys, sun glasses, kytes, jewelry, tacos, pastry, ice-cream, umbrellas, hats, key rings, wood work, wash off tattoos, pork skin, even people tried to sell crosses with Jesus on them. People were pulling wheels barrels in front of them with stuff to sell, also there were people on bikes pushing through the sand, hour after hour. And then, most oft these moving kiosks had crazy theme park music on. They love it! They listen to it not only all day long but every day until the holidays are over. And of course there were life bands playing at the beach. People with trumpets, drums, base, accordeons and of course the tuba. They play and move to a different spot after a while. They play really loud. It seems to be that they have 4 favourite songs that they play over and over again. Some of them are so quick and they go crazy with their trumpets and tuba. For me it sounded like everyboday just played their own song. I went completely crazy with my camera!!!! What an organised, well prepared chaos! Everybody loves it, I didn't see any violence, only harmony and happiness! Everybody is enjoying themselves so much! What an experience! So hillerious! The man, his name is Miguel, who keeps the trailer park nice told us that this is nothing. Last week had been here way more people... From our tent we can see only the tops of the umbrellas and hear the music, but we don't see any people and we have this big space for our own, palm trees, other trees and lots of birds. We were lying in our tent and were watching the birds above us in the tree and listened to the wind. Hardly any sign of this madness. But when we walk closer to the wall (the beach is just behind it) then we have the other extreme. On one side of the wall is the empty space, and on the other side is this humming craziness...
What must have Miguel thought when we ignored the 'closed' sign and opened the big gate, helped ourselves and just made ourselves home, pitching the tent in the middle of the park, thinking, that this park is actually part of the campground... He is a very nice man. His wife died 13 years ago. He made me almost cry when he said, once you have experienced real love there won't be any other space for a new relationship. Once you have loved a woman so much, that's it! Wow. A big part of the day he spends his time with sweeping the floor, gathering all the leaves that had fallen down from the trees. He does it every day, it is his kind of meditation I guess. This park had been closed for 1 month now, so there would not be any need to do so much sweeping.
In the evening we went for a stroll along the main road. This city is hotels, shops, music and restaurants. Everybody comes here for Easter. We were lying in our tent and listened to the beach music before we fell asleep. I was thinking of Miguel, how he told us his story about his wife and him sweeping almost all day long.
Resume: Las Varas-Guayabitos, 23km, 38 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0485-0490 , videos 068-071
16.04.09 Mexico: Guayabitos
We had been listening to the surf. It was still dark and the birds were going crazy. They were loud and exotic birds, starting their morning songs. I also heard Miguel sweeping the floor, it just started to get bright outside. And of course we heard some Mexicans offering their products through a microphone, you even hear them with earplugs... It was quite early when we decided to go for a swim. The beach was already crowded and the party had started... From our tent, we just see the tops of the umbrellas, they get more and more, like mushrooms popping out of the ground. These two masses of people, one mass is lying at the beach, and the other mass sells stuff. The whole beach is moving. It is like in one of these computer games. Everything is moving, you hear the life bands and sometimes on top of it you hear this crazy theme park music when kiosks are passing. Imagine you would have to push one of these bicycles through the sand in the heat listening to that music for 2 hours. You might go insane! No, they do it all day long every day...All the kiosks are moving, it is like a city, even most of the people are fully dressed. They even had tourist information stand at the beach. Amazing! The more people the better, the more noises the better! They love it, I am kind of hooked too! Anyway, what do people need to have to do business? A wheel barrel, a bicycle or a pick up truck, some products, a microphone with loud speakers.. They just blare it out, repeating themselves. Nobody seems to mind. This beach life is an amazing experience for me. It is like being in comic or in an animated movie. Everything is so full of life, so colourful, even the theme park music reminds me of the color pink, everything is moving. You close your eyes and when you open them again, everything is at a different spot. Nothing stays the same... We will stay here until the end of this week when the holidays are over to avoid riding our bikes on the busy road. We will see how crazy we can get. I love it!
Resume: Stay in Guayabitos.

LINK: Photos 0491-0503 , videos 072-075
19.04.09 Mexico: Guayabitos
Yesterday I went crazy going through all the photos and videos we took, stitching them together. While I was doing it, I watched the crazy beach life, sitting close to the wall that splits the beach from our trailer park.. We went for another walk along the beach. There are these bicycles with all the swimming tubes and water toys on it. You can hardly see the bike anymore. I was wondering how much stuff they can fit on. And then, there was a traffic jam. Two bicycles with all these water toys were behind each other. One was stuck behind the other one. This is hillerious! Everybody is having a good time. When you check out the videos on the website be aware that you might go completely nuts... Like us! What do we do all day long? Walking along the beach, trying not to get lost in the chaos, going for swims, strolling along the main road, try out all the food and watching the people! I am going crazy with the website and actually while I am writing in this given moment Bhinti is cleaning our bikes, getting them ready for tomorrow! Back on the road tomorrow!
Resume: Stay in Guayabitos.
LINK: Photos 0504-0525 , videos 076-077
20.04.09 Mexico: Sayulitas
The Easter craziness is almost over, at the campground next door was no tent left, they all had gone. The beach was almost empty. We packed and got back on the road, the road was not busy today. We enjoyed the food and fruit stands on the side of the road and arrived in Sayulitas, a little laidback hippy surfer town at the beach. There were lots of backpackers here. We haven't seen many backpackers yet, this must be the place. We decided to stay here on a campground. The beach was tucked in in a little bay, the mountains in the back were giving even more shelter. People were playing drums, few surfers were riding on the waves, the beach restaurants were full of people. While we were sitting in a restaurant, a woman passed us. She sold jewelry. While she had her collection in one arm, she was holding her little baby in her other other and was breastfeading it, both at the same time. Sayullitas is located at the end of a dead end road, so there is no through traffic. It is tucked away in the hills with its colourful and artistry houses. It is a cozy hippy town, so different from all the other towns we had seen. There were lots of little narrow roads, made of cobble, they were curved and dissappeared in the hills. Every house had its own uniqueness. We passed a church, people were singing and dancing in there, having a good time. Lots of kids were running around at the square, lots of pigeons were hopping around in the palm trees. Later in the evening we were lying in our tent and listened to the birds...
Resume: Guayabitos-Sayulitas, 30km, 36 degrees.

LINK: Photos 0526-0533 , video 078
21.04.09 Mexico
On the road again. We did a loop along the ocean to escape the highway. We rode up that lonely road with its colourful trees and flowers - yellow, orange, pink and red. It was nice to have the road for ourselves. We climped up the mountain range and at the same time the temperature also climbed... After a while we arrived at the top of the mountains and looked to the mountain range on the other side of a big bay. Then we enjoyed the downhill, no traffic, it was a small and winding road, no people, no streetfood, just trees and birds. Then, all in a sudden when we arrived at the bottom of the mountains, the street got really straight and wide, 4 lanes. There was an arrigated grassy boulevard in the middle of the road with lots of street lights. But no people. It looked like, some development is going on here. Not much later we saw a golf course and 4 big half finished 4-7 story buildings. But no people... it was strange. The whole project seemed to be dead. There was no life at this side of the loop. It was quite dry, no leaves on the trees. After a while we got back to the highway and rode into the tourist area. We stopped in a town, looking for food, but all restaurants were closed, siesta time, some taxi drivers were sitting on the sidewalk playing cards. We kept riding and arrived in Bucerias, a tourist town at the beach. We looked for a trailer park to pitch our tent, but they were all closed as the Americans and Canadians with their RVs had left a while ago. So we stayed in a hotel and listened to the loud music from outside. This must be Mexico. :-)
Resume: Sayulitas-Bucerias, 43km, 38 degrees.
23.04.09 Mexico: Puerto Vallarta
We stayed one day in Bucerias. We had some food in a family business. In their yard they set up a BBQ, 2 tables and 8 chairs, right next to their hammock. That was their outdoor restaurant. They also had a bird sitting on his cage hanging from the tree. His name was 'Burro' which means 'donkey'. He doesn't like female people, only men. So Bhinti wanted to know if it is true and gave him his hand and the bird bit him! What is that all about???

That was yesterday. Today we left to Puerto Vallarta. The highway was busy but we had a wide shoulder. We stopped at a street restaurant. They had a sign up that they were selling "Trompa". I looked the word up in my dictionary and I found out it is the Spanish name for the trunk of an elephant... Okay, I better ask. The cook showed me on a plate what it was, it was the nose of a pig... We rode over a bridge and ended up in a different timezone, it was one hour later. We rode into the busy city. There were lots of all-inclusive-hotels and also 2 major big cruise ships. Super big and super modern! I stopped for a photo and a man started talking to me. He was on that ship and told me that there are 3000 guests on it and 1200 staff. They have a huge shopping mall and even an ice-skating arena. It is a floating city. Imagine that... We rode through the old part of the city along the promenade and decided to stay in a cheap hotel where Bhinti had stayed before many years ago. It was a 2-star-hotel and it was called "El castillo" which means 'the castle'. They haven't done any work on this place, they didn't make any changes but they changed the price about 4 times as it used to be. It was a big room in the second floor, so we hauled all our gear and our bikes up. We stayed in the cheapest hotel in town and it was hillerious. Their reception was their living room and kitchen at the same time. The man, who worked there slept the most of the time behind the counter in his lazy boy-chair, having the TV going. On our way to our room was a couch standing on end. So I guess this is good for people who don't want to lie down when they sleep, so they just lean themselves against it. Why bother? The walls were dirty and you could see where posters used to hang. Light switches, plugs and other things were broken and dirty. At the same time there was a sign put up "Tips for the maid are appreciated". Tipps for doing what? I actually liked the room, it reminded me of my wonderful time in India.
Resume: Bucerias-Puerto Vallarta, 27km, 38 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0534-0545 , videos 079-081
26.04.09 Mexico: Puerto Vallarta
We stayed here in Puerto Vallarta in our castle until Monday morning because Bhinti got some dental work done and we didn't want to be on the road on a busy Sunday. As we were looking for a dentist we went to woman who was a dentist. She had a client when we got there and she also had her baby with her in a little basket. So she took turns looking after the client and looking after her baby... There were 2 certificates on the wall in the waiting room. One was a certificate about a 20 hour dentist workshop and on the other 3-day certificate was the year of issuing missing. So there were only two certificates hanging on the wall but also a poster of all the muscles in the human body. I couldn't figure out what that poster had to do with the dentist work. Time to look for a different dentist I guess. We found a good one. Beside spending time at the dentist we also strolled along the busy beach. Lots of hotels, shops, stands and restaurants and tourists, and also pelicans hunting for fish. We also enjoyed our time in that crazy castle. The owner was sleeping most of the time in his lazy boy-chair behind the counter, so Bhinti didn't want to wake him up and when we payed for the last night, he put the money on his bare belly. The plug was broken, we had no electricity in the bathroom, there were old cigarette butts underneath our bed with that lumpy mattress... What an exciting time in the two-star-castle. We were wondering where the two stars where coming from. Have they fallen from the sky?
Resume: Rest in Puerto Vallarta.
LINK: Photos 0546-0558
27.04.09 Mexico
We left our castle today being back on the road along the mighty pacific. The road was almost empty, up- and downhills took turns along the beautiful coast. Before we rode inland we stopped and a man looked a bit concerned telling us that there is a big climb ahead of us, that the bus needs 20 min for it. We continued riding and rode inland taking this climb on thinking 20 min by bus can't be that bad on a bike. We could feel the difference in temperature. We headed into the mountains, and at the end we climbed for 3 hrs! Now we knew why the man who told us about the climb looked so concerned. The mountains on our left were about 2300m high. We rode through a beautiful pine tree forest. Our stopp for the night supposed to be El Tuito, 10km more... I felt exhausted and it was quite hot. More climbing...As it was already evening, the temperature dropped finally a bit, the shadows got longer and the mountains turned into a golden colour. At 7pm we finally arrived in El Tuito, on top of the mountain range. We were 6 hours on our bikes today, mostly climbing...We had been told that there was a hotel, so we checked in and I fell exhausted into the bed... I didn't move anymore.
Resume: Puerto Vallarta-El Tuito, 43km, 40 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0559-0562
28.04.09 Mexico
We had a really good sleep, no lumpy mattress... The reward of riding at least for 3 hours uphill without any downhills in between was a nice and long downhill for at least 15km. So nice! The road was still going up and down but slowly we left the mountains behind us and rode into a flat area, into the "Land of Tomatoes". Even the air smelled like tomatoes. I could feel my legs. We had a long rest at a street restaurant and left in the afternoon heading to Tomatlan, a small city. The scenery changed again. We passed lots of farmland, mango and papaya trees and pepper fields. Then the scenery changed again. We rode through a forest of dry trees without any leaves on them. It looked like a winter forest, but it was actually hot... We rode into town. A man with a loudspeaker did some announcements. As they don't have local newspapers they blare all the activities and other things that are going on out with a microphone and loudspeakers while driving a car. The music at the beginning of the announcement made me laugh. It sounded like being in a circus, where a stuntman is about to make a stunt. So funny! When we arrived in our accommodation, I did another exhausted fall into the bed, even without any moscito hunting...
Resume: El Tuito-Tomatlan, 50km, 42 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0563-0565
29.04.09 Mexico
We left quite early in the morning, it was still cool, 27 degrees only. We had breakfast in a little town about 12 km later. We kept riding, the road went up and down; 15 min uphill, 2 min downhill, 15 min uphill, 2 min downhill... The 'winter forest' changed into semi desert. We passed a little village and were hoping to find a juice stand, but there was none, so we kept riding in the heat. After a while there was an open hall where we saw people working on a cement floor in the shade of the hall roof. So we stopped and rested, watching the people. And they were watching us. They prepared lots and lots of onions getting them ready to dry. One man gave us a honey melon, it was gooood! After a good rest, lying on the cold cement in the shade, we kept riding the winding road, that went up and down, again the semi desert changed back into a winter forest. Our destination for today was being back at the beach, the name of the village was 'Punta Perula'. The village was located off the main road in a dead end street. We rode the dead end street and the road became flat, the trees around us changed and the scenery was very green. Lots of banana and palm trees. The village was a nice surprise. It was not developed at all, untouched and so natural and relaxed. No tourists, lots of nature and hardly any hotels. So nice! One of the few places that hadn't been changed by tourism. It was still a little humble beautiful place located at a beautiful bay with a beautiful wide and empty beach. There were some backwaters with a sign 'Be aware of the crocodiles'. There was only a sign, nothing else, no fence, nothing. This is Mexico! We listened to the big waves. Oh, it felt good being back at the ocean...
Resume: Tomatlan- Punta Perula, 56km, 39 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0566-0571 , video 082
30.04.09 Mexico
We went for a swim and said good bye to that beautiful place. We wanted to have breakfast in a street restaurant but because of the Swine Flu all the restaurants were closed, in the whole country, even here, being so tucked away from the rest of the world. So we ate in their yard. The woman who worked there told us that they want to change this paradise into a tourism area with lots of cement, buiding lots of hotels and even a harbour. It won't be a quiet natural village anymore. She was very sad about that. This is one of the few places left that haven't been developed. Everything changes I guess, so enjoy every moment. We left at about noon, riding back to the hilly main road into the dryness, more ups and downs... After many other up- and downhills there was a sign for Tenacatita, where we decided to stay for the night. It is a little town located at a bay. It was about 9km off the main road, back into the flat and green nature. This village was completely different again. There was one sandy road going paralell to the beach and lots of beach restaurants, they all had straw roofs. Lots of plastic chairs and tables at the beach. We pitched our tent in a trailer park under palm trees. We were the only ones there. During the night, we listened to the ocean and to the crickets singing happily.
Resume: Punta Perula-Tenacatita, 56km, 39 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0572-0581 , video 083