01.01.10 Costa Rica
We heard the hawler monkeys in the morning, the makaws and other birds. Listened to the doves talking to each other. We lied in our tent and watched the trees dancing in the wind. It was so peaceful. The tour is on hold, but not the mind. A new year... we let the old year behind us, also with the intention to let things and thoughts behind us that are not good for us, any negativity. Our focus is to go with the flow and to surrender, to take every day as it comes and to live in abundance. I asked myself what would have happened, if I had gone to the doctor straight away when I fell off the bike? We would have been in the capital of Nicaragua, in not so comfortable and dangerous Managua. Being stuck there for 4 weeks...Where would we have stayed? The chain of events... I kept riding with an unknown broken wrist, I drove the car, the wrist got worse so I finally got it checked. The Swiss couple offered us their second house for the time I needed to rest. Not many people have a second empty house. And it was my godfather who gave us their address... For this situation, we coudn't have been in a better place. We enjoy every minute as we know that everything is impermanent, also our trip. At the moment we have so much freedom, no commitments. Where will we be next New Years Eve? What will we be doing after our trip has finished? We have no clue. What kind of income will we have? Sometimes this uncertainty scares me. But when I look back I can see that the universe always had something in store. This trip has become a spiritual journey. Lot is about learning, or I better say unlearning, processing and letting go. We become more aware to enjoy every moment, no matter what. Relax into it, which often has been challenging for me. I work on keeping in mind that, if there is a situation that cannot be changed, I can change the attitude towards it. People always have the choice to enjoy something or not. Why not rather enjoying things and moments instead of feeling unhealthy restistance?

Acceptance and surrender, being in the present moment, fully focused, doing every thing mindfully, with gratitude and appreciation. Be thankful, surrender and make the most of every situation. At the moment this is easy for me to say because we are in a good situation. I find it difficult to practise and to keep the awareness when situations get tricky and frustrating. Surrender to the unknown flow of life, having faith that the universe always has the right things in store at the right time...

I also was thinking about happiness. What makes people happy? And not only temporarily? Where does true happiness come from? Peopple want more in order to be happy. But how long does that happiness last? Why are they not happy with what they have got? Happiness, and actually health - that's what I think -, is the natural state of every being. I think, people want more to be happy. What we need to do is, not to gain things, we need to drop things, letting go of unuseful, heavy garbage and all these old believe systems and conditioning, old layers of pain. We need a cleansing. blow off the dust, so the shine can come to the surface.

I feel that I am changing and somehow there are more and more things that I don't understand anymore. For example, why do borders exist? Why is ther so much labeling and clingn? Why is there competition? Why are people greedy? Why do so many people live in scarcety? Always wanting more? I will never forget the poem that my sister wrote in my booklet when I was little: It is not people that own a lot that are rich, no, it is the people that need only a little, these are rich. And then this urge for security. Is there really such thing???

I think people can be helped to wake up by challenging their ideas and belief systems. People num themselves down with TV, routine and being very busy. So they don't have to deal with themselves. People create their own reality, interprete circumstances by their own painbody and experiences they had. What happens when people let go of the past and unlearn? So much brainwashing. And are people aware that they are given their identities by others??? Why do people do what they do? Where is their heart at home? Well, whatever I say, I can only speak for myself. I also realized, that I feel like talking less and less. It costs me a lot of energy. I like to be quiet and I enjoy the silence.

What a beautiful und mystery visit it is on this diverse and wonderful planet... Having this human expererience is so strange and so beautiful. We get born on this planet and we have no clue... and this doesn't seem to change.

Apropos impermanence. We had our last Christmas Stollen together with chai tea. Now it's gone...

Resume: Stay in Canas Dulces.

07.01.10 Costa Rica
We love to sit outside, to listen to the crickets, watch the squirls and birds, feeling the warm air aound us.We enjoy our chai tea in the morning, watching the sunrays of the morning light shining through the trees and form moving bright spots on the ground. It is nice to wear clothes only because we have to but we wouldn't need to temperaturewise. Even better it would be without clothes. I never understood anyway why it is the law to wear clothes. Why? Wouldn't everything be more natural if being naked wouldn't be forbidden anymore?
Our Swiss friends have a pizza oven in their garden. One day, Bhinti and Babsi baked bread. Hm... fresh home made bread. We also had an Italian pizza night. With a big shovel Babsi put the loaded dough into the hot oven, very professional. And then not much later the pizzas were already gone... What else do we do? We read, we 'be', go for walks and Bhinti goes for bike rides. I work on the movie and do other computer stuff. One evening we got invited by friends of my godfather. They were also friends of our Swiss friends and they share the house with mygodfather. Thank you very much for the nice evening and the lovely hospitality dear Anita and dear Michael.
Sometimes we hear the dogs in the early morning, also the koyotes, roosters and the hawler monkeys. At the end the makaws join the concert. Once we woke up because we smelled a skunk. What an intense smell! It lasted for at least 20 min... Sometimes in the evening we see a beautiful rainbow in the clouds above the volcano. And above these clouds was blue sky. The evening light is so beautiful.
Resume: Stay in Canas Dulces.
LINK: Photos 230-255, videos 169-170

11.01.10 Costa Rica
Today was the day where we wanted to go for hike in the 'Rincon de la Vieja' National park which is only 20km far away from here. Today was the first day that was cloudy and windy. If the weather is like this down here, then it is likely that it storms and rains up in the park, so we didn't go. The wind gusts were really strong. We could hear them coming in the distance. It sounded like a lot of galloping elephants, maybe more like a train or a wild ocean. It came closer and then it washed over us. Feeling the power of nature, the trees bent down and the sound of wind was loud. Then the gust was gone. Absolute stillness... Silence, no movement in the trees. It felt like nothing happened. then the next gust came with the same power... it rained lots of leafs. Babsi took us to some beaches, they were all tucked in between hills in little bays. The wind didn't become less. We had a powercut in the evening, during the night and also in the next morning. The evening was quite spooky for me. It was dark, no electricity and the wind hawled through these big trees. A strong wind gust hit us, then silence as nothing happened. We could hear the next gust in the distance while everything here was completely still. We could hear it coming closer... this went on the whole night. I had hardly any sleep, hoping these tall trees would make it through the storm and not fall on our roof... They made it! After the wind dissapeared in the afternoon we saw two little owls in the tree.
Resume: Stay in Canas Dulces.
LINK: Photos 256-269, videos 171-172

31.01.10 Costa Rica
We are getting ready for the road. My cast came off a week ago and my wrist is getting stronger and stronger. On one day, friends of ours picked us up and together we visited the nationalpark 'Rincon de la Vieja", that is only 20km far away from us. We took a hike and the path lead us along smelly and bubbling sulfur pools, through forest and we passed a beautiful waterfall. In the forest, surprisingly we saw a big crab. Have you ever seen a crab in a forest? I haven't... We saw monkeys in the trees, some iguanas and a 2m high ant hill with lots of holes in it. It actually looked more like a construction site. We saw lots of trees that grew around other trees. They slowly choke them until they die. At the end the original tree is dead and rotten and has fallen apart, all is left is the other tree, hollow in the middle.
Waiting and being patient. What else happened? A squirl lives right next to us. We watched it lots of afternoons, when it came home into his nest high up in a tree. Like a kamikaze squirl it jumped from tree to tree, hanging on the branches. It has no fear, no thinking, it is completely in the present moment. When it saw us and realized that we were watching it, it stood still and stared at us, somehow being scared to go home not wanting us to know where his safe home was. We also did house sitting for a few days as our Swiss friends wanted to travel around for a bit. We fed the dogs, watered the plants and cleaned the pool. We shared Bhinti's yummy chai tea with the gardener Paolo. He was a Tico. Tico is the name for the Costa Ricans. And the nights are so warm, so nice. We listened to the exotic birds in the morning and the doves are calling each other. Recently we started going for short bike rides. It feels good.

Waiting for my bone to heal and being excited to be back on the road again drove me crazy sometimes. I had some emotional ups and downs. Some events have emotional charge, some events don't. Isn't that weird or what? I felt emotional pain. I don't even know where it was coming from, I have no memory. Is it maybe a past life event that triggers my painbody??? For most of you it probably sounds really weird when I tell you that it happened a few times where I released energy, just old garbage, by yawning, making funny faces, speaking gibberish, doing heavy breathing and making sounds. I felt tears coming up, deep sadness and my tummy was tense. I felt alone with my pain. I was sweating and I was cold. How can you let go of something that you don't remember? Maybe some people can relate to this experience. Sometimes the questions comes to my head: How can somebody else underestand me when I don't even understand myself, not having a clue where the emotional pain is coming from. Trying to find out what feeling is behind the pain. A journey to self-discovery? Hmm.., well, I still don't know who I am but I know more and more who I am not. I had times where I feel strange, like I have no identity and like parts of my past have been wiped out. Okay, enough of myself! I am not an expert and I still have a long way to go, but if you want to know more about techniques how to release painful old energy, you are very welcome to ask me. Good techniques I learned in India at the Osho Ashram. The website is Check it out, if you are interested.
And what else was going on in the hood? Oh yes, we watched a woodpecker hacking tinto a tree trunk like crazy. Does he ever get a headache??? And sometimes we wake up in the night because we smell a skunk. Wow, it is such an intense smell, and it lasted at least for 20 min. And also, when we walked around in the dark over the grass with our flashlight, we saw the sparkling eyes of the spiders in the grass, lots of sparkling eyes, quite amazing....
Resume: Stay in Canas Dulces.
LINK: Photos 270-314, videos 173-179