01.07.09: Mexico
We enjoyed our last nude swim and packed. We found it difficult to leave this paradise and decided to ride to the next beach, Puerto Angel, and to stay there for a day. We rode up the hill and down on the other side and arrived 30 min later in Puerto Angel. After being spoiled by this paradise beach Zipolite it didn't feel right for us to stop in Puerto Angel. So we thought about riding back to Zipolite. Hmmm... going back or forth. Well, we decided to go forth, so we kept riding and did't go back to Zipolite. We rode back to the main road, it was 10 kms and it took us about 1.5 hours. The road went only uphill, away from the ocean. After being off the bike for about 2 weeks and being sick I could feel all my muscles, I haven't had my strength back completely. The next town was about 50 kms away, so we decided to stay in an auto hotel at an intersection close to Pochutla. We felt sad to have left Zipolite. I wanted to ask Bhinti in the evening, if he wanted to play a dice game with me, but thinking of this question made me so exhausted that I fell asleep...
Resume: Zipolite-Pochutla, 15kms, 36 degrees, cloudy.
LINK: Photo 0849

02.07.09: Mexico
It had been raining during the night. We thought about riding back to Zipolite to stay there for a while. It is a special place for us. But then we decided to move on. We made fruit salad with granola and left. It stopped raining, it was overcast, nice and cool. But, what a drag it was today! Exept for my hurting tailbone it felt like this was my very first day on the bike. Where has my power gone??? I felt frustration, but still, I love every moment of our trip, every experience. We were in the hills, they were green and lushious and the air smelled sweet. The uphills really got me. We stopped at a little store and had a break, they had hammocks, nice... After our siesta we kept riding and rode into Huatulco. It was a nice surprise. This town was very colourful and vivid. Lots of tourists were walking around, enjoyed their drinks and exotic food in some stylish restaurants. The square had green areas with old trees growing on it. That was actually the first square we saw, that had a green area, and not only cement. This town even had a movie theater. We spent the evening at the square and went to the movies afterwards.
Resume: Pochutla-Huatulco, 47km, 27 degrees, cloudy.
LINK: Photos 0850-0852

03.07.09: Mexic: Huatulco
We stayed here in Huatulco for one day, enjoyed the organic food and the Latin music. The thought about going back to Zipolite still followed us, especially Bhinti. Zipolite is place, where we could just "be", I could teach Bhinti Spanish and we could swim naked, a place where we felt strongly connected and that we could call 'home' for a while... We walked to the beach area of Huatulco. After 30 min walking on a street with a big green boulevard in the middle, we and ended up in a resort area. There were lots of all inclusive resorts, lots of restaurant and lots of concrete... Every place is different and unique.
Resume: Stay in Huatulco.
LINK: Photos 0853-0856
04.07.09: Mexico
Okay, the decision is made. We are going back to Zipolite. We had breakfast at that incredible place, where they serve croissants and Nutella in a squeeze bottle!!! I love chocolate but I am holding back on eating too much of it, but Nutella out of a squeeze bottle... We rode to the bus station and took the bus back to Pochutla. The bikes fit in the bottom part of the bus, where all the luggage is. One hour later we arrived in Pochutla and rode the last 15 km back to Zipolite, mostly downhill. This is now the third time we arrived in Zipolite...
Resume: Huatulco-Zipolite, 50km by bus, 15km by bike.
LINK: Photo 0857

25.07.09: Mexico: Zipolite
We stay in a palapa (room with straw roof) and planned to stay here for about 2-3 weeks. Our first night was really busy, moscito hunting. We have a moscito net around our bed, but it had some holes in it. So the moscitos sneaked in and nailed us... We kept hunting them during the night and fixed the holes at the next day. From then on we have really nice sleeps, the best sleeps ever since we started our trip. The place where we stay belongs to a lovely couple. He is from Mexico city and she is from Switzerland. They have really good Swiss muesli for breakfast, yum! And they have a tame squirl as a pet. He likes sitting on the shoulder and eating fruit. His name is Oscar and he loves to follow her around. Her husband came here about 30 years ago and fell in love with that place, there were only 2 houses at that time, no street. So he kept staying longer and longer as originally planned. He called his mom and told her that he fell in love with a rock. His mom suggested to him, to take the rock home, but the rock was too big. So big, that he wanted to build his home on top of it. And he did it. He also built lots more palapas for people who wanted to visit this place. When we got here we carried all our gear and bikes up, all these stairs and down on the other side, towards the beach. It was a lot of work but it was absolutely worth it. It was definitaly no auto hotel. Arriving in Zipolite and moving into our palapa was like in a fairy tale. It was almost fullmoon. We set at the beach and watched the moon and the stars and listened to the waves. Around us were fire flies, even in our palapa. It was funny seeing only these blinking lights. The huge waves were all in silver, the moon was so bright. We had incence and candle burning and felt bliss. Today we have the 25.7.09. What have we done until now? I teach Bhinti Spanish (he is my best student), I study more Human Design and we go for bike rides. We ride to the other paradise beaches, up the hill, down the hill to the next beach. It is nice to ride without any bags and weight. The scenery is so beautiful and the water is clean. The colour of the water seems to change almost every day. On one beach there are lots of turtles, and on the other beach, there is backwater with crocodiles and lots of birdlife. We also listen to the ocean, swim in the water, watch the pelicans and surfers, hide from moscitos, we eat mangos, walk to the end of the beach and back, we eat good healthy food, listen to the frogs during the night, watch the pink crabs panicing when they see us. They live in the rocks next to the palapa and they can run really fast. We watch the iguanas how they eat the leaves and we meet nice and interesting people, mostly Italians.

This place is a high energy place, it attracks interesting people. It is backpacker's paradise. This place is hardly developed and the scenery is breath taking. There are hardly any rules here, everybody takes it really easy. And no traffic on the road makes it really peaceful. The village is so small but you can buy anything you need. The main hangout of the locals is in front of the supermarket. They chat, are sitting on the side of the road and some of them drink their beer. When you walk through the isles of the supermarket, there are 2 parrots sitting in the shelves. Each time we go there, we see them always sitting at a different spot. Too bad they are not for sale... Sometimes, in the evening, we sit on our little balcony and watch the ocean. There are lots of candles at the beach which are lit when it gets dark, and also out come the stars. Later in the evening we move into our 'tent', our bed with the moscito net around us, and sometimes we watch movies on our little computer. There are lots of straw houses here, it feels like the time stands still.
Resume: Stay in Zipolite.
LINK: Photos 0858-0883 , videos 110-112