01.06.09: Mexico
Monday morning, the weekend traffic was over, so we packed and left at 7 am beautiful Zihuatanejo. 7am, 27 degrees already. Our next mile stone is Acapulco. The road was busy. School traffic. After 35 km we stopped in a town 'Petatlan' for breakfast. Another day in the heat and humidity. The road was almost flat and the traffic almost disappeared. We passed the 'Salinas'. There were these big salt fields, gained from the ocean. People in a tiny village sold piles of salt in big bags, we passed lots of little stands. At about 12.30 pm we stopped again at a shop for a drink. They had shade and a hammock. First, we decided to stay there for a while and snoozed in the hammock. But then it was hot so we ended up staying there, the place was called 'La Barrita'. It was not a village, just a few beach restaurants with lots of tables and hammocks and 2 hotels. Without unpacking the bikes we rolled them into our room we rented. We could see the mountains in the distance, thick clouds were hanging over them. Not much later we heard loud thunder. What did we do in the afternoon? We went for a swim and rested in the hammock, we didn't move anymore...the sun went down and we walked back into our room. We had the fan going by 31 degrees...
Resume: Zihuatanejo-La Barrita.
LINK: Photos 0729-0732
02.06.09: Mexico
It was a really warm night, even with the fan on. We got up and rolled our bikes out of the room and left. We roll the bikes in, we roll the bikes out and leave. No sweat! We stopped after 20 km for breakfast in a village at a restaurant. There was nobody there. We waited a bit, then Bhinti went next door to the shop and got some vegetables. I went to the bathroom, I had to walk half through their house to get there. They seem to be so trustworthy, the doors were open so everybody could just walk in. We got a plate and prepared our vegetable breakfast, made ourselves home. After a while the owner of the restaurant came and we ordered. We kept riding and passed a big pile of mangos on the side of the road on a sharp left turn. A loaded truck with mangos must have probably gone too fast around the corner. But they were already rottening in the heat, too bad! We climbed dry mountains and dropped into green and juicy valleys. The different smells took turn, smells of rottening fruit, rottening animals, smoke, coconuts, garbage and sweet smells of flowering trees. We saw anoher couple of cyclists heading in the opposite direction. We all stopped. They on their side of the road and we on our side. There was no shoulder or space for a descent stop. So we started talking to each other from one side to the other. The passing trucks and cars were loud so our conversation was really challenging. They were from Quebec and rode down the East coast of the States and also the East coast of Mexico, now riding up again on the West coast of Mexico and the States, crossing Canada. They were the first couple we have seen so I took a photo of them. For them, we were also the first couple they had seen, so they also took a photo of us. Funny. Then we kept riding, stopped for some drinks, kept riding and stopped in San Luis in the inland. We decided to stay in that town for the night and looked for a cheap room. Having ridden in the heat and humidity and in the dust these showers feel heavenly... We switched on the A/C and lied down, enjoying the coolness and quietness. After a decent nap we left our room at 4pm and got hit by the heat, 35 degrees in the shade and close to 100% humidity, hot and steamy. We explored the town and filled our tummies. We went back and I didn't leave the cool hotel room anymore, that's it for me for today. We heard thunder in the evening, not much later it started to rain. What a relief! Something must have happened... and it did. The air smelled really nice and it even cooled down a bit. All in a sudden, the A/C went off, powercutt. The owners offered us candles but all we needed was to keep our eyes closed. We left the door open and listened to the music of the rain...
Resume: La Barrita-San Luis San Pedro, 52km, 39 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0733-0737
03.06.09: Mexico
It was 26 degrees when we left in the morning, 7am. We rode into the area where the rainseason had already started. Everything was so green. The road lead us through flat parts of this planet. After almost 70km riding we stayed at a hotel on the side of the road as there were no cities and nothing within the next 45km. It was hot and steamy. We saw dark clouds hanging over the mountains and we also saw some rain. We hoped the rain would move over to where we were to make these temperatures drop...
Resume: San Luis San Pedro-Alvarez, 68km, 41 degrees.
04.06.09: Mexico
It was a crazy day today. It started that I woke up early in the morning, being confused, not knowing where the bathroom was being half asleep and having slept at so many different places. When we opened our door it was pouring down. Yay! Fresh air! Then we realized I had a flat tire which we fixed. We left at 10am, it stopped raining and it was still overcast. Nice! It was a nice riding day. Flat and straight road, no wind and no sun. An ambulance with sirenes passed us and so did a police car. When we rode through towns, dogs, chickens and pigs were passing the road. One car almost crashed into a pig. What is going on? Even the music we heard on the road was crazier than usual. We didn't stop for 50km. We arrived in a city 'Coyuta de Benitez' and were all in a sudden stuck in traffic jam. It was one of the busiest cities had been so far. We were getting closer to Acapulco and the traffic got also crazy. To avoid the traffic we decided to take a small road along the beach. The beach was only 8km far away. Okay, we left the main road and followed the small road towards the beach. After a while the road ended, but there was no beach, there were lots of swampy freshwater areas around us and also mangroves. People asked us if we wanted a lift to the other side of the freshwater area. Okay, we lifted our bikes in one of these small and wobbly fishermen boats. When we arrived at the other side the beach was right in front of us. So we had the freshwater lake on our left and the beach plus ocean on our right. A day full of surprises. After about 15km we got to the end of this strip and arrived in 'Pie de la Cuesta' which is back on the main road and only 12km far from Acapulco. We checked out the beach accommodations and found a cheap one. After a nice shower we wanted to explore the area. We locked the door and asked the owner for the key. He made a funny face and told us that he lost the key. So he broke into our room, which he had done times before...It didn't take a minute. Just another crazy thing. We walked to the lake. It was a beautiful lake with mangroves and palmtrees behind the lake, in the distance the mountains. In the evening we went to the beach and lied down in one of the hammocks to rest our tired bodies. The waves were super high!
Resume: Alvarez-Pie de la Cuesta, 72km, 31 degrees, cloudy.
LINK: Photos 0738-0748 , videos 099-100
05.06.09: Mexico
We were heading towards Acapulco. The road was busy and hilly. We rode along the waterfront, up and down, passing the hills of Acapulco. The road lead right through the busy city. We kept riding and riding. We rode along the bay with all the tall hotels and resorts. Acapulco is one of the oldest tourist places. We rode along the beach through the strip with all the restaurants, hotels and shops. We saw so many taxis. Most of them were VW Beatles in white and blue. Really cute. In Acapulco we stopped for breakfast and saw some police men riding on the footpath on these platforms with 3 wheels underneath. They probably don't like walking. So spoiled! After we filled our tummies we kept riding, out of Acapulco. The road started to climb. It kept climbing and climbing on the steepest grade. We did 3 stopps. When we got back on our bikes my muscles where shaking and I had no power left. So we walked the rest up. What a climb that was! The reward was a spectacular view back to the bay of Acapulco and on then on the other side we saw another town 'Puerto Marques" on a peninsula, behind the peninsula a long beach with lots of tall buildings. On the downhill our brakes had to work hard. Then it was flat again, completely flat as nothing happened. We passed the high end resorts and condominios. Many buildings were under construction, also the road. We missed an exit as there was no sign and ended up at the airport. It was a dead-end road. So we had to ride back. We rode back and looked for a sign. We saw a cheap hotel and decided to stay here for the night. There was no town, just the road that was under construction, a shop and a restaurant next door. Enough riding for today. My legs were still exhausted from that about 8km steep uphill and I was so glad to have a cold shower to wash off all the dust and salt and to lie down on the bed doing nothing. We saw a nice movie on our computer. That was it for today.
Resume: Pie de la Cuesta- close to Puerto Marques, 44km, 42 degrees.
LINK: Photos 0749-0751
06.06.09: Mexico
Good that we asked for directions in the morning before we left. We found out that we missed the exit again. There was no sign that that was the main road, only a sign towards a village, which was not on our map. We rode along the beach on a wide road and passed all these tall buildings that we had seen from the top of the mountain. There were no people and the buildings seemed to be empty. Strange. It felt like riding through a ghost town. We saw many restaurant signs, but many of them were closed, maybe they didn't exist anymore and the signs haven't been taken down. There were also restaurant signs with the comment: 'open' or 'in service'. After about 20 km we stopped for breakfast. It was a humble little place. We asked for some food for breakfast. They didn't have it and offered to get it from a shop for us where they had to drive to. I was really touched. No way! The people are so friendly here in Mexico! We kept riding. Soon the road would lead into the inland and it was Saturday. On Sundays we avoid to ride because of the crazy traffic. Where to stay for the weekend? We asked for accommodations in that area along the coast. We found a nice and cheap room. There was a pool, a restaurant with lots of tables on the beach and also hammocks. When we checked in it was only 10.30am, so early. Bhinti washed the bikes and I did the washing. We slept almost the whole afternoon in our dark and cool room. In the evening we moved our tired bodies to the beach and lied in a hammock, watching the high waves and the ATV drivers. We had an early night today. Tomorrow we can sleep in...
Resume: Close to Puerto Marques-Barra Vieja, 23km.
LINK: Photos 0752-0755
08.06.09: Mexico
We used yesterday for resting, bike maintanance and doing our washing. We left Barra Vieja at 7am and rode into the dry hills. Then all in a sudden we rode into the area where the rainy season had already started. The change was quick. Everything was lush and green, and the air smelled sweet. The birds were singing and the circades were really loud. After 30km we stopped for breakfast. Pigs were running around in little villages. At about 2pm we arrived at our destination, Cruz Grande a small city with about 10.000 people. We found a hotel. The room was moldy, water dropped from the ceiling, but we couldn't care less. Again, exhausted we crashed and didn't move for about 2 hours, having the fan on full blast. It was 31 degrees in our room. When we left it we found out that this room doesn't have a key. This wasn't for the first time... We saw lots of taxis on our way to Cruz Grande and also in the city. Very few people have cars, so taxis are very popular here. We filled our tummies at a restaurant and got our bill on a napkin. Every day is different.
Resume: Barra Vieja-Cruz Grande, 74km.
LINK: Photos 0756-0756
09.06.09: Mexico
It was a hot night and the moscitos in our room were busy... We left at 7.30am, stopped in a little village for fruit. When we wanted to pay, the amount was changed 3 times, while they looked at us and kept raising it. When we left we heard them saying:" Why didn't you charge more?" We stopped in Marquelia as there was nothing whithin the next 50km and we were happy to clean and rest our bodies. The room was in the first floor, so we carried our bags and bikes up. They had a parrot in the hotel, his name was "Lorenzo". The second parrot called "Lorenzo" that we have met.
Resume: Cruz Grande-Marquelia, 40km, sunny.
LINK: Photos 0757-0759 , video 101
10.06.09: Mexico
After we carried all our gear down we left at 7.15am, riding into the sunrise. It was 25 degrees, when we left. Again, nature is going crazy, the rain is finally here! Birds and circades went crazy! We rode through the inland, away from the beach. We were looking for breakfast and rode into Juchitan which was off the mainroad. We saw only one restaurant, that' us! They played good music and Bhinti used that nice and shady place for some bike repairs while he was waiting for the food to come. We asked for some fruit juice. The restaurant didn't have it, so the owner yelled over to the other side of the street to order the juice at a fruit stand. In no time the man at the fruit juice stand across the street brought us the drinks. No sweat! Fascinating, how friendly, happy and helpful people are. We kept riding and stopped 2 hours later for some cold drinks. Bhinti asked for a bucked of water. They brought him one and he pourred it over his head. Then one guy offered him a shower with a huge hose across the street, so Bhinti followed him. He got hosed down and people had a good laugh out of it. The roads were flat, we had a fast riding day. At 1pm we arrived in Berlin, a small city and looked for accommodation. A man passed us walking around with lots of young chickens in a cage, so cute. We checked a little street food restaurant. They had a goat head in their big frying pan, I wasn't sure about that...
Resume: Marquelia-Cijuanicapa, 67km, sunny.
LINK: Photos 0760-0764 , video 102

11.06.09: Mexico
It had been raining during the night. We left at 7.15am and enjoyed the nice fresh air. Lots of roosters, donkeys and pigs were running around in town. Birds were singing happily. Everybody is waiting for the rain to come.... and now it is there and everything starts growing, going crazy. We left the state "Guererro" and rode into "Oaxaca", We left the hills behind us and all of a sudden it was flat, flat as a pancake. There weren't any trees anymore, only bushes and grass, lots of grass with many cows. After 20km we passed the first village and had breakfast. It was cloudy, very nice for riding. Then the scenery changed again.We rode through hills again and the bushes turned into big green lush trees. We climbed a long uphill. If I had known that, I wouldn't have ridden so fast this morning, we were really flying. It got hotter and I felt exhausted. We found a closed kiosk with a cement floor in the shade, so we stopped and I lied down. We passed the total of 3000km today. A man in his truck stopped and joined us, he sat down right next to us. He had problems with the engine so he had to wait to let the engine cool down. Our destination was Pinotepa, about 20km more to go. The road dropped down a bit. After we passed a military check point we finally rode into the city at 12.30pm. We checked out some hotels and found a cheap one which reminded us of a monastery. We had a tiny room. We squeezed all our bags in and left the bikes on the hallway together with the centipede and a cockroach. The church was not far away and the bells played different songs. After a decent shower and nap we explored the city. We tried to find a restaurant, it took a while until we found one. Strange, some citys or towns have lots of restaurants and others don't. At the end we didn't only find a restaurant, we also found a pastry shop and stuffed a cake into our faces. It was already dark when we walked back to our monastery, listening to the church bells...
Resume: Cijuanicapa-Pinotepa, 54km, 42degrees, partly cloudy.
LINK: Photos 0765-0767

12.06.09: Mexico
The church bells were doing their thing all night long. We packed and left at 6.45am towards Puerto Escondido, back to the coast. A chicken with at least 7 chicks crossed the main road. The mother seemed to be very confident. Really cute and brave. We were in the mountains and rode along a canyon, deep down was the river. The mountains were beautiful, so green, different, no more oceans of palmtrees any more. After a big climb we got to a high plateau. We stopped and bought some fruit on the side of the road. We made ourselves home there and started cutting them. The people were Indians and they offered us some of their chairs. People are so friendly. We enjoyed the high plane and decided to leave some of our stuff behind us as we carried too much weight. At a restaurant we started to go through our gear. I gave away some clothes to a women who was eating in that restaurant. She was happy. We kept riding and the road dropped down, then we had another climb, 9km long. When we finally got on top of it we had a beautiful view to the other mountains. We passed 2 signs. The first one said: 170km to Puerto Escondido, the second one said (only 10 minutes later): 123km to Puerto Escondido. We went for the second one. We had a long downhill and dropped into a green flat area with lots of cows. We rode through a village and there were rickshas. We have ridden so many hundreds of km through Mexico, and all in a sudden we bumped into rickshas... After being on our bikes for 5.5hrs we finally found an accommodation. We rolled our bikes into our room and landed exhausted on our bed. We took a ricksha to a restaurant, happy not to move anymore... A girl was driving it. At the restaurant was a parrot, his name was 'Lorenzo'. The third 'Lorenzo' we have met so far.
Resume: Pinotepa-Santa Rosa, 77km,39 degrees, partly cloudy.
LINK: Photos 0768-0775 , video 103
13.06.09: Mexico
I woke up in the middle of the night because I smelled fresh air, it started raining. Yay! What a nice and sweet smell. We left at 7am and passed a hotel, the name was 'Kombat'. It made us laugh. Bhinti was riding in front of me and all in a sudden, a little hummingbird flew right between us for quite a while. After 23km riding we had breakfast in Rio Grande. We had tailwind and the road was flat, also it was partly cloudy. Good for riding. We ate in the smallest restaurant I have ever been. It had only one table and 3 chairs, the kitchen was about 2.5 square meters big. 2 women were cooking. We asked for eggs. One woman left and came 2 min later back with some raw eggs. We asked for juice, the woman left again and came back 2 min later with fresh juice that she bought from one of the street vendors. The hospitibliaty was so nice. We saw lots of rickshas... in all different colours. We also have seen lots of horse riders. Our little restaurant was right next to a tire shop. It was one open room. They used the road to fix the cars. No sweat! And in the same room was a shoe maker. He had is table and chair and some tools. It couldn't be any simpler. So he fixed shoes in the tire shop room. Why not. With a full tummy we kept riding and arrived in Puerto Escondido at 2pm. Back at the ocean, yay! We stayed at the beach and can you imagine taking your body for a swim into the ocean, after a long ride in the heat and humidity, being exhausted and full of grease. And you feel so light in the water. During this week we rode almost 400km, last week about 300 with only one day off in between.
Resume: Santa Rosa-Puerto Escondido, 72km, 42 degrees, sunny.
LINK: Photos 0776-0784 , video 104
19.06.09: Mexico, Puerto Escondido
We planned to stay here for one day, Sunday, but then Bhinthi got sick and one day became one week. We stayed in a little bay where all the fishermen had their boats. You could hear them early in the morning starting their engines. In the late morning they come back with their catch, driving their boats in fullspeed onto the beach. In our bay the water was warm and calm, the warmest ever. The other bay about 800m from here got pounded by huge waves. The beach is called 'Zicatela', one of the number one surf beaches. We could see these huges waves from the side profile, seeing the waves coming in from the side. We listened to the ocean and to the rain during the night. We also walked to the other beach with the huges waves 'Zicatel' and watched the surfers. At that beach Bhinti sniffed out a great pastry cafe, his sniffer works really well... Here is the surfer scene, there are lots of international surfers. They also played incredible surfer videos in the cafe.The first days were sunny, in the evenings we enjoyed the thunder, wind and lightening and during the night it rained, the temperature dropped. The beaches here are not cluttered with tables, chairs, straw roofs and hammocks. It is a romantic little fishermen bay. In Puerto Escondido live 45.000 people, the city has 5 beaches. We used the time here to get in touch with our family and friends in cafe with wireless internet. They had Nutella crepes... This is a no brainer. The owner of that cafe was from Germany. The menue names were German cities like Kiel, Hamburg and Berlin. We had early nights and watched TV for the first time. Strange, watching the News after months... Puerto Escondido had good bike shops, so we took advantage of it and got some spare parts for our bikes. We recognized lots of international people here, mainly Europeans for a change. I haven't heard German tourists for a long time. We also used the time for bike cleaning and maintanance. The last day of our stay here I started to lose my appetite. It also started raining the whole day, I guess this is the serious start of the rainy season.
Resume: Stay inPuerto Escondido.
LINK: Photos 0785-0794 , video 105
20.06.09: Mexico
It had been raining all night long and it stopped in the morning. Bhinti got his strength back, I didn't have much appetite but we left today, off to our next destination further south. It was sad to leave Puerto Escondido, it had been such a great place. We left after breakfast, on the road again. We saw the dark sky in the distance and strange white clouds in front of it, and it didn't take long and it started to rain again. We rode into the rain with headwind. Riding in the rain has its advantages. The temperature doesn't climb higher than 27 degrees which gives us riding time for the whole day so we can have longer breakes, which we did. It felt good not to ride in the sun and in the heat. We stopped for lunch, but I had no appetite and I couldn't finish my salad. 70km for today, we kept riding and heard a loud frog concert. Maybe they were cheering us on. We were lucky that they made the road wider so we were the only ones riding on the construction part. The last 10 km we left the mainroad and took a small road which lead to the coast. All in a sudden we were in the hills, steep ups and downs. The ups were so steep that we pushed our bikes. At the end of the downhills the road was really muddy, big paddles and lots of mud. Good we didn't lose our balance... We had ridden more than 60km and now these crazy hills... Finally we arrived in Zipolite, a little hippie beach town, and found a hotel. We were soaking wet and wanted to take a shower, it was broken. After 20 min waiting, the owner fixed it. Everything balances itself out, as during the night we had lots of water as it was dripping from the ceiling down on our pillows. The rainy season has started, that's for sure... Has somebody seen my appetit? We were almost 6 hours on our bikes today, it felt good to get out of the heat.
Resume: Puerto Escondido-Zipolite, 71km, 27 degrees, rain.
LINK: Photos 0795-0797
21.06.09: Mexico
Today is Sunday. It was still raining. We could store our bikes in our hotel and took a minivan to Oaxaca. Oaxaca is 6 hours away and is located in the mountains in 1.500 meter altitude. It is one of the oldest cities in Mexico with lots of historical buildings. We left in the morning, took a shared taxi to Pochutla, from where the minivan to Oaxaca left, had breakfast in Pochutla. I still had no appetite but got a bit down the throat. The minivan left at 11am. I still felt shaky and weak, and the winding roads really didn't help. Good that I had a plastic bag with me which I used after about 2.5 hours driving up winding roads. There was nothing than curves. After 50km we had climbed up to 3000 meters. For the last 2 hours the road was flat and straight, we had reached the high plane. Thank god! The sky was dark and the plants were so green. It was really beautiul. Somehow we arrived in Oaxaca and found an economic accommodation in the city center. We made it! We had a nice hot shower, the first hot shower after a long time... Today one year ago I left Nelson in New Zealand and flew to my sweetheart to Canada and now, one year later, we are riding our bicycles to the tip of South America. Who would have thought...
Resume: Zipolite-Oaxaca, 250km bus drive.

LINK: Photos 0798-0801
28.06.09: Mexico: Oaxaca
About 400.000 people live in Oaxaca. Around the city are 17 Native Indian colonies, they are all different, have different cultures and speak different languages. This city is well visited by backpackers. It has a huge 'Zocelo' (square) with lots of restaurants, stands, old trees, musicians like marimba bands, guitarr and pan flute players. Also shoe shiners were busy polishing shoes, and the old cathedral is right next to the square. There are lots of old buildings. After we arrived in Oaxaca I felt worse and I spent lots of time in the bathroom. We went to a doctor and the results of the lab tests showed that I have parasites. Great! At the same day Bhinti also started to visit the bathroom quite often. We both had it. Some people do sightseeing tours through the city, we seem to do them to the bathroom... Being optimistic, this is a great place to be sick. We are away from the heat and humidity, we have a nice hotel room in the city center with TV and internet, it is dark and quiet during the night, and we have medical care here. It was much cooler up here, people are even wearing jackets. This city is full of life. Lots of people try to sell things like paintings, bookmarks and wooden craft. People sharpen knifes here on bikes. They have one big wheel and one small wheel. They are both connected with a strap. The knife sharpeners sit on the saddle and paddle while they are doing their work. Maybe they can join us. When we walked through the streets we saw a priest blessing a brand new car. One funny story: When I went back the second time to the doctor I asked the receptionist how much a consultation is as I had the feeling I paid too much. She told me a lower price that I paid. I had an appointment but still had to wait for about 1.5 hours as she told me. The waiting room was full of people. When I asked her why I paid so much more she went helpless into the doctor's office, all the people in the room heard me, and in no time the doctor came out and almost pushed me into his room being scared that people would hear that he charged me too much. And... no waiting time for me. We spent lots of time in our hotel room and looked after each other. Tennis was on TV which was good. We tried to eat and waited for our appetites to come back, while taking the drugs the doctor gave us... It didn't feel at all that we are actually on a bike trip. Even walking upstairs hurt my legs. Yesterday we started feeling a bit better and we took a bus to "Monte Alban", which is a historical site up on a mountain about 20 min away from the city center. It was nice and quiet up there. Quiet... finally we found a peaceful place in Mexico. We had a great view over the valley with the city in it. The air smelled fresh and sweet, we lied on the grass and listened to the insects. So nice... We saw the old ruins which were built by the Zapotecs about 500-300 B.C. How must it have been here such a long time ago? We both didn't have much energy and we walked like zombies, people must have thought we are part of the ruins and the Zapotecs.... When we were up there the sky was sunny, but on the other side of the valley were dark clouds above the mountains. We watched the lightening and listenend to the thunder, saw the weather moving. After 3 hours we took the bus back to Oaxaca and fell on our bed. During the night it became the habit that we hunted moscitos. We even could hear our neighbours chasing them... We both feel better now and think that we go back to the coast tomorrow.
Resume: Stay in Oaxaca.
LINK: Photos 0802-0831 , videos 106-109
29.06.09: Mexico
We took the 9am minivan back to the coast, to Zipolite. Before we dropped to the ocean, we climbed up to 3000 meters, the air was noticable cooler. We rode through a pine tree forest. Lots of houses were made of wood. This is the first time I have seen wooden houses. The further down we drove the more the trees changed, almost to a jungle. As I kept my stomach empty I felt almost okay during the hilly and curvy ride, there was nothing to throw up... 6 hours later we arrived in Pochutla. What a climate change. It was so much hotter and more humid than in Oaxaca. We are back in the humidity and heat as it looks like. It is so nice to be back at the ocean... We went back to the hotel where we stayed before. Zipolite is a little village, quiet and relaxed and has a nude beach. Who ever wants to take their clothes off, goes for it. If people prefer to swim in their bathing suits, that's fine too. We jumped into the waves, oh it feels so good to be back in the ocean again. We watched the waves and the boogie boarders riding these beautiful waves. There are so many waves rolling towards the beach, and no wave is the same... Here are little beach restaurants and lots of straw houses. It is a very laid back town, a paradise for backpackers. Everything is small here. The restaurants, the hotels, and also the prices. You see lots of different nationalities here, mostly European. And the food is so good here. There is no traffic on the road (it is a dead end road), people are siting on their chairs on the street and lots of men don't wear a t-shirt, even the waiters, no sweat! Everybody is just so relaxed and friendly here. Zipolite, tucked away in between hills and rocks, the waves are rolling onto the beach, the rocks on each end of the beach give a really good shelter, and then you have the green hills in the back, looking up to some straw roofs. There are some more beaches here which are divided by the hills. They are all called 'The Paradise Beaches'... We both feel connected to that place and also to the people, to the energy here. In the evening we enjoyed falafels and a Greek salad. It feels so good to eat different food. We watched the sunset, played a dice game and listened to the loud ocean. It was so hot and humid. And in this humidity and heat we had been riding so many hundreds of kilometers, being constantly in the heat and feeling exhaustion. The climate change from Oaxaca to here was really big.
Resume: Oaxaca-Zipolite by bus.
LINK: Photos 0832-0845
30.06.09: Mexico: Zipolite
The moon changed the ocean into a nice shiny silver. These waves were so loud. I had hardly any sleep because I was so excited being back at the ocean. The first thing we did in the morning was, we jumped into the ocean and kept sitting on the in the waves for a while. It had been raining all week while we were away, now the sun is out again, good timing. We had breakfast in an Italian restaurant. They had Nutella croissants, which I had to try... We went for a morning swim, had a nice spinach salad in the afternoon, it feels good to eat vegetable. The Mexican cuisine is not so big on vegetables. Clouds built up above the hills and the humidity got stronger. We were lying in our hammock, watching the ocean. We stayed in one of the cheapest hotels but we had our own hammock. What a nice, peaceful, quiet and untouched village Zipolite is. We went for a swim, Bhinti left his shorts at the beach. Then I saw a dog who started playing with his shorts, having it in his mouth and was running up and down the beach... Okay, time for action! Bhinit ran out of the water and chased the dog like a maniac, of course without any clothes on. It was really entertaining for me and for the audience. First he didn't catch him, but after a while he got his shorts back, lucky him. I was laughing my head off...
Resume: Stay in Zipolite.
LINK: Photos 0846-0848