001-California: Starting the countdown - Our train from Seattle to Salinas

002-California: Latte-ing near Monterey

003-California: Change of plans
004-California: We made it to pool side Monterey
005-California: One inch at a time down the coast, cycling down the 17 Mile Drive

006-California: 17 Miles Drive - wild ocean

007-California: Cycling down the Californian coast
008-California: Happy cycling

009-California: Elephant seals at the beach

010-California: Moving elephant seals

011-California: Serious computerwork

012-California: A cute butterfly is following me

013-California: A wild bushman... emerges from the forest every year at this time on the full moon. Never seen so close before...

015-California: Smaller wheels and no spokes but looks like fun anyway

016-California: Brook and Austin (Bhint's nephews) skipping school. What better way to spend a school day...

017-California: Sand sailing is the latest rage. Don't try this at home, these are professionals...

018-California: Big pelican family in Santa Barbara

019-California: Beach life in Santa Monica

020-California: Busy bird hunting for food

021-California: Venice Beach

022-Californian freeway...