152-Nicaragua: Good energy

153-Costa Rica: King of the tree

154-Costa Rica, Boca Topada: Caymans

155-Costa Rica, Boca Topada: Wildlife at the Lagarta Lodge
156-Costa Rica: On the San Carlos river

157-Costa Rica, Boca Topada: Nosy Nosebears
158-Costa Rica: Cahuitla Nationalpark at the Caribbean coast
159-Costa Rica, Tarcoles: The family is following their passion
160-Costa Rica, Tarcoles: Humming birds and butterflies
161-Costa Rica, Tarcoles: Ants and monkeys in the Carara nationalpark
162-Costa Rica, Fortuna: Playing cards
163-Costa Rica, Fortuna: Birdlife in Fortuna
164-Costa Rica, Fortuna: Moving molecules
165-Costa Rica, Curubande: Donkeys at the Hacienda Guachipelin
166-Costa Rica, Curubande: Our walk to a waterfall
168-Costa Rica, Curubande: Time to say good-bye