040-Mexico, Baja: Jumping kite surfers in Los Barilles

041-Mexico, Baja: Traffic hour in the ocean

042-Mexico, Baja: Boca de Alamo, tiny Mexican village

043-Mexico, Baja: Staying on the goat farm

044-Mexico, Baja: Meeting the locals

045-Mexico, mainland: Serenade in Mazatlan
046-Mexico, mainland: One more song

047-Mexico, mainland: Lost in music
048-Mexico, mainland: Making a living

049-Mexico, mainland: Happy hour

050-Mexico, mainland: New friends

051-Mexico, mainland: Making a living
052-Mexico, mainland: Having a bath

053-Mexico, mainland: Nightlilfe noises from our bedroom window
054-Mexico, mainland: Lovedance

055-Mexico, mainland: BMX stunts in Esquinapa

056-Mexico, mainland: Getting a lift to the other side of the estuary

057-Mexico, mainland: Still in the wetlands
058-Mexico, mainland: Comfortable cycling