084-Mexico: That's what we do...

085-Mexico: La Manzanilla, meet the locals

086-Mexico, La Manzanilla: bedtime for the chickens

087-Mexico, La Manzanilla: Spanish lessons
088-Mexico, Cihuatlan: Ocean of palm and banana trees

089-Mexico: Having a good rest, on our way to San Juan de Alima
090-Mexico: Just rode into the state Michoacan

091-Mexico: Our stay in San Juan de Alima
092-Mexico: Experiencing the native Indian village Maruata

093-Mexico: Maruata from above
094-Mexico: Our stay in Tizupan

095-Mexico: Watching the animals

096-Mexico, Zihuatanejo: the bay

097-Mexico, Zihuatanejo: The staff in our hotel
098-Mexico, Ixtapa Island