How did I meet Bhinti? And why did I meet him? What are the drivers and filters for our decision making??? I often ask myself, do I and do other people follow their hearts or is fear driving us? Or is it social conditioning? Do we do things because other people expect us to? What led people to their current situations?

We are doing this incredible thing; riding our loyal bicycles from California down to the tip of South America! How did that happen? I have the relationship I always wanted, travel, photography, take videos, work on our website, outside in nature, ride a bike, adventure and excitement, and no routine which I was always drawn to. Everything we do together and I love it so much. Sometimes it really hits me that I found this incredible man. Our closeness and togetherness, that we spend so much time together, having the same passions, loving what we do. It is all very special to me. We share our trip with you so this is why I want to share some parts of myself too, and also how we met.

I grew up in Germany together with my beloved parents and sister. In August 2002 I moved to New Zealand where I have been living for 6 years. I remember I had just came back from Spain, where my parents live, at the end of August 07. I was gone for almost 5 months and I didn’t plan at all going overseas again so soon. But then, it didn’t take long… In October 07, I talked to my mom. She wanted to go to India with her friend but she wasn’t quite sure if she would go or not, feeling uncomfortable. Without thinking I heard myself saying to her: If you book your flight I will book too, and I will meet you there. Done deal! I booked my flight to the end of January, planned to stay in India for 5 weeks. After getting excited about going overseas, these 5 weeks expanded to 5 months. I took the opportunity since I’d be in India anyway to go to the Osho Ashram in Pune for 3 months where I have been wanting to go for a long time. I left at the end of January and met my beloved mom in Goa for 3 weeks. I was already on my way to meet my sweetheart and I had no clue…One thing leads to another. It was my fear and my belief systems that lead me to the Osho ashram. I wanted to shed some of my heaviness.

I learned breathing through catharsis, to connect to emotions, to bring them up and to release them. There are many different methods to gain clarity and to connect to your true being, dropping all the layers and masks you are wearing for protection; E.g. active meditations with lots of movements, breathing, sounds, dancing, and also passive meditations where you observe yourself, your thoughts, emotions and feelings. I also joined some intense workshops.

During that time in the ashram I went through a lot of feelings. I no longer wanted to be in this straight jacket of social conditioning and fear. Certain things have to be in a certain way or people are going to suffer. Why do have certain things have to be in a certain way? Why??? I let go of so many heavy things. And out of that magic and surrendering, unexpectedly, I met the love of my life. He was just there! I met him at a course in the ashram. We spent 3 amazing and intense weeks together. I completely surrendered, followed my heart without getting my mind in the way, that so much loves doubting and gaining control over things and circumstances. After he had known me for about 10 days he said to me: I want to take you home, to my place in Canada. What???? I was speechless. Not much later I heard myself saying to him that I want to be with him. He is the one for me.

When he left India in the middle of April I decided to cut my trip short to be with him again soon. Thailand, where I had a stopover on my way back to New Zealand, was calling for my planned massage course and three weeks later, it was in June 08, I flew back to New Zealand for 2 weeks, just enough time to sell most of my stuff (I didn’t have much stuff anyway), and to say hi and good bye to my dear friends. It was the 22.6.08 when I left beautiful New Zealand. Flying from winter to summer, from Nelson New Zealand to Nelson British Columbia, from the shortest day into the longest day… It was the longest flight ever and I was so excited! I was really on my way to Vancouver… At this time I had no clue how he lived, and I didn’t care. All my heart wanted was to be with him. I spent 4 blissful months with him in the valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and forests. Circumstances were leading Bhinti to sell his beautiful home… and now we are on bikes.... He asked me if I wanted to cycle with him to the tip of South America, to Tierra del Fuego… Without thinking I heard myself saying: Yes! I have never been an athlete but it just felt 100% right. Now we don’t have any routine and we live in uncertainty, we never know where we will be the following day, where we are going to stay. So much togetherness, so much sharing…

I am grateful to experience this intense journey of self discovery, to live with little, trying to live in the moment, to live in uncertainty, to surrender to circumstances, to become more aware of thinking and behavior patterns, to be less attached to material things and belongings, to live in the moment and not to worry about the future, is my path that I learn to walk. We mirror each other. I feel I am on this planet to learn to follow my heart, to be my true self, to live my true essence without fear, to surrender, to live in abundance, to love, and to trust the universe.

Thank you to my beloved family and friends and anybody else who supported me and my path that I chose.