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Our new home is the road;
The road that leads to embracing uncertainty that sets you free;
the road that forces you to be completely in the moment;
the road that leads to new places;
the road that goes uphill, downhill, straight and around corners;
the road where you cannot see around the next corner,
the road to surrender and simplicity,
the road for the universe to let synchronicity happen,
the road to new adventures, experiences and growth.


Riding our bicycles from California/Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, the tip of South America, that's the plan. Being on the road, seeing so many different places, meeting lots of beautiful people, finding places to stay for the night, again and again. Riding in the heat, riding in the cold, riding in the rain, riding in the humidity, riding with tailwind, riding with headwind, riding with no wind, riding on flat roads, riding uphills, riding downhills, riding on narrow roads, riding on wide roads, riding on busy roads, riding on lonely roads, riding on new roads, riding on old roads, riding through deserts, the tropics, agricultural areas, grasslands, forests...
Every day has been different, unpredictable, but... no matter where you go there you are! No matter how many kms you ride, you can never escape from yourself, which is sometimes quite challenging!
This trip is an incredible journey. It is a bike trip but it is also a journey to self discovery with ups and downs that we go through and share. Buttons get pushed, situations of the past get triggered, emotions, fear and old belief systems pop up, all the time. It is a trip of processing.
We love our freedom and also the variety of our daily experiences, challenges, decision making, situations and impressions. At the same time we feel the attachment to our beloved friends and are experiencing that we slowly lose contact with them which makes us feel sad. Dear friends, we value our friendships and we are always so happy to hear from you!!! You mean a lot to us.
We feel that this trip is also about gratitude, passion, vulnerability, focus, uncertainty, acceptance, surrender, living in the moment, beauty, pain, relief, love, romance, wilderness, joy, sadness, faith, determination, simplicity, newness, empathy, oneness, being, impernanence, letting go, non-judgment, sharing, abundance, awareness, instability, confusion, togetherness, chaos, stillness, sponteinity, decision making, questions, reality, illusion, truth, health, sweat, gravity, diarrhea, food hunting, packing, unpacking, looking for things, body and road odors.