001_Train from Seattle to Salinas.jpg

002_Passing another Vancouver.jpg

003_Our bikes still in boxes.jpg

004_Olivia's cafe in Salinas.jpg

005_On the way to Monterey.jpg

006_The shadows are following us, scary.jpg


008_Happiness and crraziness.jpg

009_The beach of Monterey.jpg

010_Pelicans at the waterfront in Monterey.jpg

011_Pelican ready for take off.jpg

012_Seals in Monterey.jpg

013_Lunch at the wharf in Monterey.jpg

014_Riding around the peninsula of Monterey.jpg

015_Happy cycling.jpg

016_Bautiful cypresses.jpg

017_Wild ocean an the 17 Miles Drive.jpg

018_The 17 Miles Drive, getting closer to Carmel.jpg

019_The 17 Miles Drive.jpg

020_Cycling down Hwy 1.jpg

021_Our first sunset on the bikes.jpg

022_The 17 Miles Drive.jpg

023_happy cyclists.jpg

024_Passing Pebble beach, home of the legendary golf course.jpg

025_Lamp made of seashells.jpg

026_A good place to be.jpg

027_On our way to Big Sur.jpg

028_Beautiful Californian coastline.jpg

029_Happy surfers.jpg

030_Another cute gas station in Big Sur.jpg

031_Big climbs on the coastal Hwy.jpg

032_Ten per cent of the world condors.jpg

033_The supermuncher.jpg

034_Cycling down the coast.jpg

035_More beauty of nature.jpg

036_The giant Redwoods.jpg

037_Sold out, standing room only.jpg

038_Our Ohso-friend from India visited us.jpg

039_Good time with our friend.jpg

040_A wild bushman.jpg

041_In the eye of Gaya.jpg

042_Our first night in the tent in Big Sur.jpg

043_The campground office surrounded by Redwood trees.jpg

044_Artistic and groovy gas stations in Big Sur.jpg

045_Beautiful ocean.jpg

046_Beauty of nature.jpg

047_Getting closer to our destination.... Tierra del Fuego.jpg

048_Breath taking view.jpg

049_Dehydrate or die.jpg

050_On our way to the next campground.jpg


052_Beauty of nature.jpg

053_Our second sunset on the bikes.jpg

054_Entering Los Padres National Park.jpg

055_Our third sunset on the bikes.jpg

056_Kirk Creek campground.jpg

057_Looking down to the beach.jpg

058_The chef was in action.jpg

059_Plaskett Campground, we were the only ones there.jpg

060_Nice nature walk.jpg

061_Beauty of nature.jpg

062_Preparing dinner.jpg

063_Following Hwy 1 Southbound.jpg

064_Breakfast in Gorda.jpg

065_To Monterey 65 only, it seems to be much further away.jpg

066_Windy and steep road.jpg

067_We left the mountains behind us.jpg

068_Lots of elephant seals.jpg

069_Elephant seals.jpg

070_Elephant seals.jpg

071_Elephant seals.jpg

072_Elephant seals.jpg

073_Our new bike.jpg


075_Cycling down the coast, passed San Simeon.jpg

076_Another amazing sunset.jpg

077_Cute houses and interesting trees in Cambria.jpg

078_Always hungry.jpg

079_Potter books in Cambria.jpg

080_Leaving Cayucos behind.jpg

081_Our first motel in Morro Bay.jpg

082_Sunset in Pismo Beach.jpg

083_Pismo Beach, sleepy and cosy little surfer town.jpg

084_Almost fullmoon.jpg

085_That's us.jpg

086_Pismo Beach.jpg

087_Our new mascot the butterfly.jpg

088_Warning to your children. Don't eat lids.jpg

089_Cabbage everywhere.jpg

090_Welcome to Olivia's kitchen.jpg

091_Welcome to Bhinti's kitchen.jpg

092_I can always tell, Bhinti is thinking about chocolate.jpg

093_Back at the coast again.jpg

094_At the campground just in time.jpg

095_We are surronded by lots of palm trees.jpg


097_Professional beach babe.jpg

098_The Tierra del Fuego team.jpg

099_He has got the munchies.jpg

100_Leaving our campground.jpg

101_The trail of broken dreams (we had to turn around).jpg

102_We made it to Santa Barbara.jpg

103_Palm tree to palm tree closer to Tierra del Fuego.jpg

104_A car on the top of a bus, cool way of traveling.jpg

105_Put in 25 cents out pops the news.jpg

106_fun in the sun.jpg

107_Home on wheels.jpg

108_... and skidding on your bare bum will give you slivers.jpg

109_Pelican fishing.jpg

110_Life guard on Santa Barbara beach.jpg

111_Full moon at noon.jpg

112_Room for bikes.jpg

113_Pelicans in Santa Barbara.jpg



116_Our new bike.jpg


117_One or two herrons.jpg

118_Thinking about pie r squared_Leaving Santa Barbara.jpg

119_Christmas soon.jpg

120_We discovered... lets call it Greenland.jpg

121_More coastline.jpg

122_Riding along the coastal highway.jpg

123_The supermancher.jpg

124_Mysterious riderless bicycle crossing.jpg

125_Ventura beach.jpg

126_The non smoking ashtray.jpg

127_Pop up trees.jpg

128_Modern art.jpg

129_Keeping us safe from those dangerous Laplanders.jpg

130_Find the boogie boarder.jpg

131_Hmm...a hill.jpg

132_Dude country.jpg

133_Sunset in Malibu.jpg

134_No room for a bed.jpg

135_Gas station of the near future.jpg

136_Far out.jpg

137_Malibu sunset Christmas Eve.jpg

138_Where is he.jpg

139_Disposable beach houses in Malibu.jpg

140_Lonely volley ball courts.jpg

141_Crossing the Sahara.jpg

142_Riding into Santa Monica.jpg

143_Christmas Day in Santa Monica.jpg

144_Our Christmas Dinner.jpg

145_Our second Christmas dinner.jpg

146_It must be Venice Beach.jpg

147_The crazy promenade.jpg

148_Pepper spray not for salad.jpg

149_Freakshow everywhere in Venice Beach.jpg

150_In every toolbox.jpg

151_Cool roller blades.jpg

152_Rising star and much loved.jpg

153_Canadian eh.jpg

154_Accessories for sunny California.jpg

155_Nothing to add.jpg

156_Center of planet pigeon.jpg

157_Cool skate board bench.jpg

158_Take a closer look.jpg

159_Going to the office.jpg

160_Not bad eh.jpg

161_Bike trail in Santa Monica.jpg

162_Always cutting deals.jpg

163_Kids are enjoying themselves.jpg

164_Who is that cool dude.jpg

165_Little family trip.jpg



168_Hard for the eyes.jpg

169_Transport for people to get around.jpg

170_Getting ready for Hawaii.jpg