10_Santa Monica Pier.jpg

11_Another Californian sunset.jpg

12_Our crazy Osho friend again.jpg

13_Beach life in Santa Monica.jpg

14_Yes, go crazy!.jpg

15_Just coming from the hair dresser.jpg

16_Time for another change.jpg

17_Where are the ponies going.jpg

18_Manhattan Beach_The people have the volley ball courts almost in their front yards.jpg

19_Is this our campground in Long Beach.jpg

20_The Queen Mary.jpg

21_Long Beach_Boats, boats and boats.jpg

22_Cool bike.jpg

23_What a big hand.jpg

24_From big to small.jpg

25_Check out the haircut!.jpg

26_Home of a surfer dude.jpg

27_Huntington Beach.jpg

28_On our way to Laguna Beach.jpg

29_It looks like they walk an water, why do they paddle.jpg

30_What a party.jpg

31_Drinking cups upside down.jpg

32_We stayed at Bhinti's friends in Encinitas, very brave.jpg

33_Watch out for surfer dudes, you get ambushed.jpg

34_There he is, hiding behind the raindrop.jpg

35_Almost hat his destination.jpg

36_Beach of Encinitas.jpg

37_Beauty of nature.jpg

38_Kissing flowers.jpg

39_Our friends in Encinitas.jpg

40_Crazy packing again.jpg