Mexico Baja




0002_Landing in San Jose. Our road from above.jpg

0003_Out of the plane.jpg

0004_San Jose_good bicycle.jpg

0005_San Lucas_restaurants on the beach.jpg

0006_San Lucas_Muchas turistas.jpg

0007_San Lucas_The doctor prescribes the booze.jpg

0008_San Lucas_Happy hour.jpg

0009_San Lucas_Hopefully comfortable enough.jpg

0010_San Lucas_Smell of money.jpg

0011_San Jose_School.jpg

0012_San Jose_Classroom.jpg

0013_San Jose_Possible accommodation.jpg

0014_San Jose_Another possible accommodation.jpg

0015_San Jose_Where to sit down.jpg

0016_San Jose_Taking off.jpg

0017_San Jose_Our breakfast place.jpg

0018_San Jose_Tequila guard.jpg

0019_San Jose_ Underneath the bags are the bikes somewhere.jpg

0020_San Jose_Semi desert.jpg

0021_San Jose in the distance.jpg

0022_Temperature is rising.jpg

0023_On the road again.jpg

0024_No autobahn.jpg

0025_Only idiots cycle here.jpg

0026_Must be Mexico.jpg

0027_Shelter built around the caravan.jpg

0028_Same idiots on the same crappy road.jpg

0029_Here they are.jpg

0030_Making it 5 km per hour.jpg

0031_Also upper body workout.jpg

0032_Still the same beach, only 15km further.jpg

0033_Meditating at the east wing on shipwrack beach.jpg

0034_Romantic evenings.jpg

0035_Sunrise from our little home.jpg

0036_Our sweeet home again.jpg

0037_Crowded beach.jpg

0038_Happy camper.jpg

0039_Home sweet home.jpg

0040_Siesta in our tent.jpg

0041_The couple in the RV has been here for 3 months.jpg

0042_Working our way through the sand.jpg

0043_Not much traffic here.jpg

0044_Still the same beach.jpg

0045_Vulchers probably waiting for us.jpg

0046_Fish that I found at the beach.jpg

0047_Arriving in Crossroads.jpg

0048_Nature doing her magic.jpg

0049_Don't sit on it.jpg

0050_Sand and rocks are leading the way.jpg

0051_Beauty of nature.jpg

0052_Colours and shapes.jpg

0053_Los Frailes_Our next accommodation.jpg

0054_Getting help for water.jpg

0055_Making a deal for fish.jpg

0056_Where to pitch the tent.jpg

0057_Bhinti and his friends.jpg

0058_Sharing the fish.jpg

0059_Who is the hungriest.jpg

0060_Does the pelican think that Bhinti is a fish.jpg


0062_We found a free spot for our tent.jpg

0063_Seagulls and vulchers.jpg

0064_Our sophisticated shower system.jpg

0065_Preparing the third position on the menue.jpg

0066_Our friend Peli is joining us.jpg

0067_Size ten wide.jpg

0068_Chosing a spot as close as possible to the tent.jpg

0069_Then he makes himself comfortable.jpg

0070_Very comfortable.jpg

0071_Happy to have a new friend.jpg

0072_There he is again.jpg

0073_Getting prepared for a siesta.jpg

0074_Almost asleep.jpg

0075_Snoozing now.jpg

0076_What a friendly friend.jpg

0077_Lots of pelicans here.jpg

0078_Our home at Los Frailes beach.jpg

0079_Another fish fan.jpg

0080_Another sunrise.jpg

0081_Purifying the water.jpg

0082_Homes of the Mexicans.jpg

0083_Lovely people invited us for breakfast.jpg

0084_Off to Cabo Pulmo.jpg

0085_No rain today.jpg

0086_Looking for accommodation in Pulmo.jpg

0087_Strong winds in Pulmo.jpg

0088_Luxury accommodation today in Pulmo.jpg

0089_One of the tour jobs.jpg

0090_Keeping the website going.jpg

0091_Beach of Cabo Pulmo.jpg

0092_More sandroad.jpg

0093_Sea of Cortes.jpg

0094_Dance of the whale.jpg

0095_Heading towards La Ribera.jpg

0096_Does the sand road really end.jpg

0097_Bhinti didn't make it quite.jpg

0098_The inland.jpg

0099_We are actually moving now.jpg

0100_Tequila tree.jpg

0101_Happy hour.jpg

0102_Big supermarket in La Ribera.jpg

0103_Roads of La Ribera, a Mexican village.jpg

0104_Our spot for the night.jpg


0106_Beach cows.jpg

0107_More beach.jpg

0108_Heading to Las Barriles.jpg

0109_Mexican cars.jpg

0110_Back at the ocean, in the distance Las Barriles.jpg

0111_A little taco stand.jpg

0112_This time on a tame campground.jpg

0113_Who's head is that.jpg

0114_Sorted, the woman has even an apron.jpg

0115_Tamales wrapped in corn leaf or a candy.jpg

0116_Bhinti making phone calls with the computer, hiding.jpg

0117_One of the beautiful birds.jpg

0118_Without words (part 1).jpg

0119_Without words (part 2).jpg

0120_The campers even bring their satellite dishes.jpg

0121_RV, satellite dish and palmtree.jpg

0122_Having a good time in Los Barilles.jpg

0123_Yummy taco stand.jpg

0124_Our neighbour invited us for dinner at his home.jpg

0125_Los Barilles_camping on an RV park this time.jpg

0126_Happy foot.jpg

0127_Antonia sells yummy stuff.jpg

0128_Our neighbours home for 4 months or longer.jpg
MARCH 2009

0129_On the sand road again.jpg

0130_The beautiful Baja.jpg

0131_More sand.jpg

0132_More beauty.jpg

0133_Cacti and ocean.jpg

0134_Happy bird.jpg

0135_The Sea of Cortez.jpg

0136_Up and down and up and down.jpg

0137_Siesta time.jpg

0138_Sunrise in El Cardonal.jpg

0139_El Cardonal, another lonely beach.jpg

0140_There she is.jpg

0141_On the sand road again, getting closer to the mountains.jpg

0142_These mountains are to pass.jpg

0143_Having a good workout.jpg

0144_Whe are there no other cyclists.jpg

0145_Pushing up the bikes, one by one.jpg

0146_This must be Mexico.jpg

0147_More road.jpg

0148_No shortage for upper body workout.jpg

0149_Bhinti's new friend on the goat ranch.jpg

0150_Our place for the night at the goat ranch.jpg

0151_Where are the touristas.jpg

0152_Where to lie down.jpg

0153_Olivia is doing the washing.jpg

0154_The cacti and the tent.jpg

0155_Our neighbour.jpg

0156_Check that out.jpg

0157_Looking quite mischievious.jpg

0158_Bhinti's new friend is looking for hiim.jpg

0159_Another beautiful sunrise.jpg

0160_Our place on the goat farm.jpg

0161_What is longer, face or ears.jpg

0162_I think the ears are longer.jpg

0163_Hole in the sky.jpg

0164_The goat farm from above.jpg

0165_Pushing the bikes up, it doesn't seem to end.jpg

0166_Leaving the beach, riding through the mountains to Los Planes.jpg

0167_Finally reaching the top of the mountains.jpg

0168_Why are there no other cyclists.jpg

0169_So much sand.jpg

0170_Down on the other side of the mountain range to the plane.jpg

0171_Here they are.jpg

0172_Looking down.jpg


0174_Mexican decoration.jpg

0175_Just left the sand road, after days.jpg

0176_Found a green spot in Los Planes.jpg

0177_Camping on a playground.jpg

0178_Heading to La Paz, over the next mountain range.jpg

0179_The road to La Paz, it looks like a ski lift.jpg

0180_Baja_A wild cat.jpg

0181_Baja_Approaching the 18km long uphill.jpg

0182_Baja_Looking back to Los Planes.jpg

0183_Baja_La Paz.jpg

0184_Baja_Heading to the ferry terminal in La Paz.jpg

0185_Baja_Mexicans are having a good time.jpg

0186_Baja_The freighter-like ferry, that's us.jpg

0187_Baja_The trucks are reversing into the ferry.jpg

0188_Baja_Leaving the terminal.jpg

0189_Leaving the beautiful Baja.jpg

0190_Who is watching.jpg

0191_16 hours on the ferry.jpg

0192_Another beautiful day goes by.jpg

0193_Good bye Baja.jpg

0194_Is that a whale.jpg

0195_Sleeping on the deck.jpg

0196_Who is that guy.jpg

0198_The next morning.jpg

0199_Almost in Mazatlan on the mainland.jpg

0200_Not many people on the ferry.jpg

0201_Who wants to live in Tequila.jpg