Mexico mainland


MARCH 2009

0202_Mazatlan_Exploring the city, filling our tummies in that street restaurant.jpg

0203_Mazatlan_The historical part of the city.jpg

0204_Mazatlan_From one colour to the next.jpg

0205_Mazatlan_Home sweet home.jpg

0206_Mazatlan_At the waterfront.jpg

0207_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0208_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0209_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0210_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0211_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0212_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0213_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0214_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0215_Mazatlan_Doors and windows.jpg

0216_Mazatlan_Thirsty pigeon.jpg

0217_Mazatlan_Our beautiful accommodation in the historical part.jpg

0218_Mazatlan_Who is looking at Olivia.jpg

0219_Mazatlan_Staying with the budgies.jpg

0220_Mazatlan_Here they are.jpg

0221_Mazatlan_Cosy tummy places.jpg

0222_Mazatlan_Shapes and colours.jpg

0223_Mazatlan_Shapes and colours.jpg

0224_Mazatlan_Shapes and colours.jpg

0225_Mazatlan_Shapes and colours.jpg

0226_Mazatlan_Shapes and colours.jpg

0227_Mazatlan_Dad and son.jpg

0228_Mazatlan_Our missing tube.jpg

0229_Mazatlan_Street restaurant.jpg


0231_Pride of Mazatlan.jpg

0232_Mazatlan_Thank you.jpg

0233_Mazatlan by night.jpg

0234_Mazatlan_Enjoying the beauty of things.jpg

0235_Mazatlan_Our accommodation covered with flowers.jpg

0236_Mazatlan_Check out that lamp.jpg

0237_Mazatlan_And check out these lamps.jpg

0238_Beach of Mazatlan.jpg

0239_More beach of Mazatlan.jpg

0240_Mazatlan_Quiet and laid back.jpg

0241_Mazatlan_Plaza de la Constitucion.jpg

0242_Mazatlan_They just do what needs to be done without any warning for the drivers.jpg

0243_Mazatlan_Lost in music.jpg

0244_Mazatlan_The cleaning clan.jpg

0246_Mazatlan_Enough for one meal.jpg

0247_Mazatlan_Watch that tree stump.jpg

0248_Mazatlan_Water delivery.jpg

0249_Mazatlan_Police chase vehicles.jpg

0250_Mazatlan_Comfortable office for shoe polisher.jpg

0251_Mazatlan_Vegiterian licence plate.jpg

0252_Mazatlan_Coin made in 2010.jpg

0253_Mazatlan_Serious ice-cream business.jpg

0254_Mazatlan_What's up.jpg


0256_Mazatlan_Tiny restaurant.jpg

0257_E-free zone.jpg

0258_Here are E's allowed.jpg

0259_Mazatlan_High octane butt starter.jpg

0260_Mazatlan_Our new friends.jpg

0261_Mazatlan_Tummy time.jpg

0262_Mazatlan_Taking over.jpg

0263_Mazatlan_Free head massage.jpg

0264_Mazatlan_Another new friend.jpg

0265_Mazatlan_Ready for the photo shooting.jpg

0266_Mazatlan_Mexican street life.jpg

0267_Mazatlan_Check out the display in the restaurant, real food.jpg

0268_Mazatlan_Mexican cake.jpg

0269_Mazatlan_Making use of the pick up truck.jpg

0270_Mazatlan_Fisherman's siesta.jpg

0271_Mazatlan_Siesta time.jpg

0272_Mazatlan_Sandy art.jpg

0273_Mazatlan_What a shelter.jpg

0275_Mazatlan_Mango time.jpg


0277_Mazatlan_Balanced person.jpg

0278_Mazatlan_The musicians on their way.jpg

0279_Mazatlan_Here they go.jpg

0280_Mazatlan_nice set up for a meal.jpg

0281_Mazatlan_Was the architect drunk.jpg

0282_Mazatlan_The date where Bhinti and I met, they have street for that.jpg

0283_Mazatlan_Enough cables in the air or not.jpg

0284_Mazatlan_This is Mexico.jpg

0285_Mazatlan_Family trip.jpg

0286_Mazatlan_Becoming a real Mexican car.jpg

0287_Mazatlan_The doctor who loves classical music and takes it easy.jpg

0288_Mazatlan_Shoeshine business.jpg

0289_Mazatlan_Siesta in the office.jpg

0290_Mazatlan_Handling the little ones.jpg

0291_Mazatlan_Looking south, Beach and beach and beach in the distance.jpg

0292_Mazatlan_Our accommodation.jpg

0293_Mazatlan_Love dance.jpg

0294_Mazatlan_Must be a baseball game.jpg

0295_Mazatlan_Hidden barber shop.jpg

0296_Mazatlan_Only the client and the barber are missing.jpg

0297_Did you get it.JPG

0298_Agave fields.JPG

0299_Mexican cemetery.JPG

0300_Professional cyclists, dad with 2 sons.JPG

0301_The first person we actually overtook.JPG


0303_Esquinapa_good transport.JPG

0304_Esquinapa_Mexican car.JPG

0305_Esquinapa_Mexican car.JPG

0306_Esquinapa_business on bikes.JPG

0307_Esquinapa_Check that out.JPG

0308_Esquinapa_family transport.JPG

0309_Esquinapa_professional BMX rider.JPG

0310_Esquinapa_Bike somewhere underneath.JPG

0311_Esquinapa_family transport.JPG

0312_clearly sign posted.JPG

0313_Pepper fields.JPG

0314_Pepper, pepper and pepper.JPG

0315_Teacapan_hiding cow.JPG

0316_Teacapan_second Cancun in 10 years.JPG

0317_Teacapan_beach life.JPG

0318_Teacapan_beach life.JPG

0319_Teacapan_animal being creative.JPG

0320_Teacapan_Mexican picnic area.JPG

0321_Teacapan_still alive.JPG

0322_Teacapan_beach life.JPG

0323_Teacapan_beach life.JPG

0324_Teacapan_Oysters on the palm tree.JPG

0325_Esquinapas_are they crazy.JPG

0326_Esquinapas_family running a little sports shop.JPG

0327_The wetlands.JPG

0328_More organic pepper.JPG

0329_Hot business.JPG

0330_Who is going to eat that all.JPG


0332_Serious talking.JPG

0333_Cows and palm trees.JPG

0334_This is the way to 'Anton'.JPG

0335_When you turn around it leads you to 'io'.JPG

0336_Teacapan_The Mexican way.JPG

0337_Teacapan_Sharing the campground with tiny mean and hungry flies.JPG

0338_Teacapan_good bye.JPG

0339_Teacapan_here is our little home again.JPG

0340_Teacapan_another day has passed.JPG

0341_Teacapan_sandflies are desperate to get in.JPG

0342_Teacapan_Olivia doing the chores.JPG

0343_Teacapan_beach life.JPG

0344_Teacapan_getting to the other side.JPG

0345_On the way to the wetlands, to Teacapan.JPG

0346_taking the bikes for a ride.JPG

0347_El capitan.JPG

0348_Lucky us, new paved road.JPG

0349_Oh, only one side is paved now.JPG

0350_Is this the end of the paved road.JPG

0351_It looks like it.JPG

0352_Back on the gravel.JPG

0353_Puerta de las Palapares_life in a village.JPG

0354_Puerta de las Palapares_village life.JPG

0355_Puerta de las Palapares_Mexican humble home.JPG

0356_Puerta de las Palapares_village houses.JPG

0357_On our way to get the next fisherman boat.JPG

0358_Boat but not people.JPG

0359_Still waiting in the middle of nowhere.JPG

0360_They really came and picked us up.JPG

0361_Beach riding.JPG

0362_Who are the vultures waiting for.JPG

0363_Pelicans doing an excursion.JPG

0364_One of the many dead snakes on the road.JPG

0365_In the wetlands.JPG

0366_Beauty and simplicity.JPG

0367_Where are the crocodiles.JPG

0368_Another day is about to pass.JPG

0369_Santa Cruz_the Mexicans love their hammocks.JPG

0370_Santa Cruz_2500 people and 5000 horses.JPG

0371_Santa Cruz_no touristas.JPG

0372_Santa Cruz_Why are the hammocks empty.JPG

0373_Santa Cruz_only curtains for the bathroom, no doors.JPG

0374_Santa Cruz_the family offered us to stay in their backyard.JPG

0375_Santa Cruz_okay, here we go.JPG

0376_Santa Cruz_surrounded by pigs.JPG

0377_Santa Cruz_the chicken cube tree.JPG

0378_Santa Cruz_only 8 days old.JPG

0379_Santa Cruz_happy mother.JPG

0380_Santa Cruz_Bhinti doing the chores.JPG

0381_Santa Cruz_thats the way to do it.JPG

0382_Santa Cruz_trick to keep the sandflies away.JPG

0383_Santa Cruz_taking it easy.JPG

0384_No comments.JPG

0385_In the wetlands.JPG

0386_The wetlands.JPG

0387_The wetlands_mangroves.JPG

0388_The wetlands.JPG

0389_The wetlands_lots of bird life.JPG

0390_Colours of nature.JPG

0391_Why taking down the old electricity pole.JPG


0393_Check that out and have a decent look.JPG

0394_Another Mexican home.JPG

0394_Pumpkin party.JPG

0395_Mexican dinosaur.JPG

0395_Street business.JPG

0396_One of these street food stands.JPG

APRIL 2009

0397_Good, we don't need to get over that bridge.JPG

0398_San Blas_cars for sale (not a joke).JPG

0399_San Blas.JPG

0400_San Blas_The square.JPG

0401_San Blas_lots of new 'stuff' to try.JPG

0402_San Blas_The boss of the loundry store.JPG

0403_San Blas_What to buy, tires or cages.JPG

0404_San Blas_Furniture and motorcycles.JPG

0405_San Blas_Talking hats.JPG

0406_Tepic_Musician on his way.JPG

0407_Tepic_Check out the washing mashines.JPG

0408_Tepic_City center.JPG

0409_Tepic_Dancing on the square.JPG

0410_Tepic_Going crazy.JPG

0411_Tepic_Who wants stuff.JPG

0412_Tepic_Handcraft made by the native Indians.JPG


0414_Tepic_Easter preperations.JPG

0415_Tepic_Shoeshine freeway.JPG

0416_Tepic_How did the cross get into the soap bubble.JPG

0417_Tepic_Serious nail business.JPG

0418_Tepic_Nails for all occasions.JPG

0419_Tepic_Sugarcane man.JPG

0420_Tired children.JPG

0421_Busride to Tepuila.JPG

0422_Busride to Tepuila.JPG


0424_Siesta and musica.JPG

0425_Bike business.JPG

0426_Busride to Tepuila, agave fields.JPG

0427_Finally arrived in TEQUILA.JPG


0429_Tequila_The real stuff.JPG

0430_Tequila_Done deal.JPG

0431_Tequila_Flavours, colours, sizes and shapes.JPG

0432_Tequila_Flavours, colours, sizes and shapes.JPG

0433_Tequila_Flavours, colours, sizes and shapes.JPG

0434_Tequila_Don Julio time.JPG

0435_Tequila_Decent bar.JPG

0436_Tequila_Flavours, colours, sizes and shapes.JPG

0437_Tequila_Flavours, colours, sizes and shapes.JPG

0438_Tequila_Main road.JPG


0440_Tequila_Hopefully somebody knows which wire goes where and why.JPG

0441_Tequila_need any hats.JPG

0442_Tequila_old church and modern cross.JPG


0444_Tequila_Agaves and wheel of fortune.JPG

0445_Tequila_Tequila distillery.JPG

0446_Tequila_Agave plant.JPG

0447_Tequila_Drunk plant.JPG

0448_Tequila_Agave well looked after.JPG

0449_Tequila_Journey to the booze factories.JPG


0451_Leaving Tequila, agaves, agaves, agaves.JPG


0453_Guadalajara_The historical center.JPG

0454_Guadalajara_Buildings up to 400 years old.JPG


0456_Guadalajara_They love porkskin.JPG

0457_Guadalajara_Watch out for hazzards.JPG

0458_Guadalajara_Joining the Tierra del Fuego team.JPG

0459_Guadalajara_Run when you cross.JPG

0460_Guadalajara_Meal for nosy people.JPG

0461_Guadalajara_proud buildings.JPG

0462_Guadalajara_In business.JPG

0463_Guadalajara_The market.JPG

0464_Guadalajara_The market_hopefully enough CDs.JPG

0465_Guadalajara_The market_Sugar cane juice.JPG

0466_Guadalajara_The market.JPG

0467_Guadalajara_The market.JPG

0468_Guadalajara_The market.JPG

0469_Guadalajara_The market.JPG

0470_Guadalajara_without comment.JPG

0471_Guadalajara_Backgammon time.JPG

0472_Guadalajara_Black or white.JPG

0473_Guadalajara_In the zoo.JPG

0474_Back in San Blas.JPG

0475_San Blas.JPG

0476_San Blas_Maybe they will join our tour.JPG


0478_watch out for crocodiles.JPG

0479_Street kiosk.JPG

0480_Oyster time.JPG

0481_Heading south.JPG

0482_Noni fruit.JPG

0483_From the tropics to the dryness.JPG

0484_Las Varas_They sold the shelves.JPG

0485_Las Varas_Check out the stove.JPG

0486_Guayabitos_Our private RV park.JPG

0487_Guayabitos_The Mexican campground next door.JPG

0488_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0489_Guayabitos_music is a must.JPG

0490_Guayabitos_Family trip.JPG


0492_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0493_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0494_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0495_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0496_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0497_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0498_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0499_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0500_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0501_Guayabitos_Selling a cross for Easter.JPG

0502_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG


0504_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0505_Guayabitos_Going nuts.JPG

0506_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0507_Guayabitos_business and fun.JPG

0508_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0509_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0510_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0511_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0512_Guayabitos_Can't miss out on ice cream.JPG

0513_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0514_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0515_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0516_Guayabitos_happy holiday.JPG

0517_Guayabitos_Bhinti, king of the chaos.JPG

0518_Guayabitos_playing soon.JPG

0519_Guayabitos_bird sharp and quick.jpg

0520_Guayabitos, Miguel doing his meditation.JPG

0521_Be aware where you go.JPG

0522_Guayabitos, Olivias office.JPG

0523_Guayabitos, sexy bike mechanic.JPG

0524_Guayabitos, watching life goes by.JPG

0525_Guayabitos, very interesting.JPG

0526_Guayabitos_our private trailer park.JPG

0527_Ready for a drink.JPG

0528_bed and TV not far away.JPG

0529_drink without cup.JPG


0531_Sayulitas_setting up our home again.JPG

0532_Sayulitas_We really found a beach.JPG

0533_Sayulitas_Ginger bread house.JPG

0534_Bucerias_El Mercado.JPG

0535_Bucerias_Hoping he is not in a hurry to leave.JPG

0536_Olivia and 'Burro'.JPG

0537_'Burro' the waiter in the restaurant.JPG

0538_Puerto Vallarta_ship meeting.JPG

0539_Puerto Vallarta_floating city.JPG

0540_Puerto Vallarta_second part.JPG

0541_Puerto Vallarta_sandy art.JPG

0542_Puerto Vallarta_Jesus and his discliples.JPG

0543_Puerto Vallarta_beach life.JPG

0544_Puerto Vallarta_busy place.JPG

0545_Puerto Vallarta.JPG

0546_Puerto Vallarta_Our hotel.JPG

0547_Puerto Vallarta_Our hotel, the castle.JPG

0548_Puerto Vallarta_Handy, reception and living room at the same time.JPG

0549_Puerto Vallarta_the receptionist, can you see him.JPG

0550_Puerto Vallarta_jThere he is, just got the money for another night.JPG

0551_Puerto Vallarta_The couch in our hotel.JPG

0552_Puerto Vallarta_Always keep in mind.JPG

0553_Puerto Vallarta_He rides to his business.JPG

0554_Peli formation.JPG

0555_Puerto Vallarta_selling donkeys, can you see him.JPG

0556_Puerto Vallarta_Booze boat coming home.JPG

0557_Puerto Vallarta_Can you see the 2 people in the faces.JPG

0558_Puerto Vallarta_Chicken factory.JPG

0559_Riding out of Puerto Vallarta.JPG

0560_Happy riding.JPG

0561_Where you wash your hands in a restaurant.JPG

0562_Mexican meeting.JPG


0564_More agave.JPG

0565_This must be Mexico.JPG

0566_Pepper field.JPG

0567_Riding through a winter forest.JPG

0568_Do you need an onion.JPG

0569_Punta Perula_back at the beach.JPG

0570_Punta Perula_The car mechanic set up.JPG

0571_Punta Perula.JPG

0572_Watch for crocodiles.JPG

0573_Mexico and its colors.JPG

0574_Well deserved siesta.JPG


0576_Riding to Tenacatita.JPG
MAY 2009


0578_Tenacatita_Our remote spot.JPG

0579_Tenacatita_Beauty of nature.JPG

0580_Tenacatita_We wonder if you can get Corona beer here somewhere.JPG


0582_Just cut off the legs and you have beach chairs.JPG

0583_Hammocks and chairs.JPG

0584_Tenacatita_Waiting for food impatiently.JPG

0585_Tenacatita_beach life.JPG

0586_La Manzanilla_Our beautiful home for a short while.JPG

0587_La Manzanilla_Graveyard at the beach.JPG

0588_La Manzanilla_creative advertising.JPG

0589_La Manzanilla_Our first business.JPG

0590_La Manzanilla_just use graphity for ads.JPG

0591_La Manzanilla_please don't step on me.JPG

0592_La Manzanilla_Hangover.JPG

0593_La Manzanilla_Hey.JPG

0594_La Manzanilla_furniture business on wheels.JPG

0595_La Manzanilla_Painting business.JPG

0596_La Manzanilla_Serious business.JPG

0597_La Manzanilla_Crocodiles.JPG

0598_La Manzanilla_one of the locals.JPG

0599_La Manzanilla_waiting for food.JPG

0600_La Manzanilla_who planted the chickens in the tree.JPG

0601_La Manzanilla_bedtime.JPG

0602_La Manzanilla_The team.JPG

0603_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0604_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0605_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0606_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0607_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0608_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0609_La Manzanilla_colors and shapes.JPG

0610_La Manzanilla_Spanish teacher.JPG

0611_La Manzanilla_beach bikes.JPG

0612_La Manzanilla_Beach.JPG

0613_La Manzanilla_fun in the sun.JPG

0614_La Manzanilla_Another day.JPG

0615_La Manzanilla_Linda and Dulce.JPG

0616_La Manzanilla_Sweet Dulce.JPG

0617_La Manzanilla_The pyramid.JPG

0618_La Manzanilla_Off to new adventures.JPG


0620_Check that out.JPG

0621_Leaving Manzanillo.JPG

0622_Heading towards the mountains.JPG

0623_Bhinti doing his thing.JPG

0624_Olivia's dashboard.JPG

0625_Happy to take a break.JPG

0626_Very happy to take a break.JPG

0627_Banana city.JPG

0628_The green ocean.JPG

0629_On our way to San Juan de Alima.JPG

0630_Happy cycling.JPG

0631_San Juan de Alima_First eat then sleep.JPG

0632_San Juan de Alima_Another beach.JPG

0633_San Juan de Alima_Palm trees and mountains.JPG

0634_San Juan de Alima_Sun waving good bye.JPG

0635_Mexican meal.JPG

0636_Greetings from up high.JPG

0637_Leaving San Juan de Alima.JPG

0638_The mountains.JPG

0639_Nice haircut.JPG

0640_School is out.JPG

0641_The reward of climbing a mountain.JPG

0642_Arriving in Maruata, a native Indian village.JPG

0643_Maruata_Time stands still.JPG

0644_Maruata_Nice architecture.JPG

0645_Maruata_Modern kitchen.JPG

0646_Maruata_Hammock, TV and chairs.JPG

0647_Maruata_We camp in the living room.JPG

0648_Maruata_Siesta time.JPG

0649_Maruata_Their kitchen.JPG

0650_Maruata_Their bathroom.JPG

0651_Maruata_Nice design.JPG

0652_Maruata_The living room.JPG

0653_Maruata_Siesta time.JPG

0654_Maruata_The beach.JPG

0655_Maruata_Controlled burning.JPG

0656_Maruata_Our hosts.JPG

0657_Maruata_Enjoying the native Indian experience.JPG





0662_Maruata_the village.JPG

0663_Maruata_happy fishermen.JPG

0664_Maruata_What a paradise.JPG

0665_Maruata_So much beauty.JPG


0667_Maruata_The finger of god.JPG

0668_Maruata_beauty of nature.JPG

0669_Maruata_beauty of nature.JPG

0670_Maruata_Check out the fisherman.JPG

0671_Maruata_the valley.JPG

0672_Maruata_what a paradise.JPG

0673_Maruata_another house.JPG

0674_Maruata_Ofelia and her son.JPG

0675_Who is who.JPG

0676_Leaving Maruata.JPG

0677_Check out that home.JPG

0678_Gas station_The man sells gas in bottles.JPG

0679_Who is this.JPG

0680_Yummy, iguanas.JPG

0681_Putting the whole iguana into a tortilla.JPG

0682_Rush hour.JPG

0683_Back in the mountains.JPG

0684_up up up up up up up and down and up up up.JPG

0685_Grinding it out in the heat.JPG

0686_Finally in Tizupan.JPG

0687_Tizupan_nice surprise, who would have thought.JPG

0688_Tizupan_what else is nicer than a swim after a long day climbing in the heat.JPG

0689_Tizupan_wild and lonely.JPG

0690_Tizupan_rocks, driftwood, mountains and water.JPG

0691_Tizupan_nice spot for the night.JPG

0692_Tizupan_playground right next to our tent, good for Bhinti.JPG


0694_Tizupan_Shower time for the bikes.JPG

0695_Tizupan_perfect washing line.JPG

0696_Tizupan_Nice holiday home.JPG

0697_Tizupan_the little resort.JPG

0698_Tizupan_beauty of nature.JPG

0699_Light on head which blinks when Bhinti has new ideas.JPG


0701_Michoacan_cocos and cocos.JPG


0703_Caleta de Campos_protecting bikes from ocean salt.JPG

0704_Caleta de Camos_another one.JPG

0705_Caleta de Campos_tent, chairs, hammock, beach.JPG

0706_Caleta de Campos_our place for the night.JPG

0707_Caleta de Campos_another sunset.JPG

0708_Caleta de Campos_busy crab.JPG

0709_Michoacan_Reward of an uphill.JPG


0711_Playa Azul_a beach restaurant.JPG

0712_Playa Azul.JPG

0713_Heading towards Zihuatanejo.JPG

0714_Looking back on the toll road.JPG

0715_taking our bikes for a ride.JPG


0717_Zihuatanejo_the bay.JPG

0718_Zihuatanejo_good bye sun.JPG

0719_Zihuatanejo_happy feet.JPG


0721_Zihuatanejo_the promenade.JPG

0722_Zihuatanejo_The kiwis are here.JPG



0725_Ixtapa Island.JPG

0726_Ixtapa Island_snorkeling area.JPG

0727_Zihuatanejo_Where is the mango gone.JPG

0728_Zihuatanejo_Lorenzo_the staff of the hotel.JPG
JUNE 2009

0729_La Barrita_another one.JPG

0730_La Barrita_beach restaurant.JPG

0731_La Barrita_another day has passed.JPG

0732_La Barrita_eat and sleep.JPG

0733_Heading South.JPG

0734_First cyclists we have met.JPG

0735_Coca Cola runs the country.JPG

0736_Beauty of nature.JPG

0737_check that out.JPG

0738_no bikes.JPG

0739_Getting to the other side of the wetland.JPG



0742_Arrived on the other side.JPG

0743_Pie de la Cuesta_lake.mangroves.palms and mountains.JPG

0744_Pie de la Cuesta_church withouth walls.JPG

0745_Pie de la Cuesta_Chair glued on the wall.JPG

0746_Pie de la Cuesta_important beach equipment.JPG

0747_Pie de la Cuesta_siesta time.JPG

0748_Pie de la Cuesta_another one.JPG

0749_Police on wheels in Acapulco.JPG

0750_Acapulco_the VW beatle taxis.JPG


0752_Barra Vieja_our accommodation.JPG

0753_Barra Vieja_this must be Mexico.JPG

0754_Barra Vieja_our Sunday rest.JPG

0755_Barra Vieja_drinking Tequila.JPG

0756_Riding into another sunrise.JPG

0757_Fruit stop in a little village.JPG

0758_Cooking fish.JPG

0759_A decent snooze.JPG

0760_Juchitan_bike repair and brekkie.JPG

0761_Shower time.JPG

0762_Changing scenery.JPG



0765_Cuajinicuila_where are the bags.JPG

0766_Going for a walk.JPG

0767_Passing a prarie.JPG

0768_After the rain.JPG

0769_After the rain.JPG

0770_Happy cows.JPG

0771_After the rain.JPG

0772_Rainy season has started.JPG

0773_After the rain.JPG

0774_Gathering in the shade.JPG

0775_San Jose del Progresso_all in a sudden Rickshaws.JPG

0776_Riding into the mystery.JPG

0777_Rio Grande_restaurant with one table.JPG

0778_Rio Grande_staff in the restaurant.JPG

0779_Heading towards Puerto Escondido.JPG

0780_A lagoon.JPG

0781_Puerto Escondido.JPG

0782_Puerto Escondido_our Sunday rest.JPG

0783_Puerto Escondido.JPG

0784_Puerto Escondido.JPG

0785_Puerto Escondido_check out the menu.JPG

0786_Puerto Escondido.JPG

0787_Puerto Escondido.JPG

0788_Puerto Escondido_thunder... about to rain.JPG

0789_Pto Escondido_man pushing fish tacos.JPG

0790_Pto Escondido_fisherman's bay.JPG

0791_Pto Escondido.JPG

0792_Pto Escondido_man selling bowls.JPG

0793_Pto Escondido_Zicatella the surfers beach.JPG

0794_Pto Escondido_surfers paradise.JPG

0795_Pto Escondido_Bhintis paradise.JPG

0796_Leaving Escondido.Riding into the rain.JPG

0797_Rainy season.JPG

0798_On our way to Oaxaca by bus.JPG

0799_angels art.JPG


0801_Oaxaca_Native Indians sell their art work.JPG

0802_Oaxaca_Shoe shiner waiting for business.JPG

0803_Oaxaca_The square.JPG

0804_Oaxaca_knife sharpener tool.JPG

0805_Oaxaca_There he is.Doing his exercise.jpg

0806_Oaxaca_Life at the square.JPG

0807_Oaxaca_Native Indian work for sale.JPG

0808_Oaxaca_More Native Indian art.JPG

0809_Oaxaca_balloons.Attached on our bikes would be good for uphills.JPG

0810_Oaxaca_No lack of food and restaurants.JPG


0812_Oaxaca_On our way to Monte Alban to the ruins of the Zapotecs.JPG

0813_Oaxaca_Monte Alban.JPG

0814_Oaxaca_Monte Alban.JPG

0815_Oaxaca_Monte Alban.JPG

0816_Oaxaca_Monte Alban.JPG

0817_Oaxaca_Monte Alban.Watching the weather.JPG

0818_Oaxaca_look who is there.JPG

0819_Oaxaca_more helium for our bikes.JPG







0826_Oaxaca_Native Indians.JPG

0827_Oaxaca_These guys waited too long.JPG



0830_Oaxaca_Mexican food stand.JPG

0831_Oaxaca_The inside of an hotel.JPG

0832_On our way back to Zipolite by bus.JPG

0833_from 3000m to the ocean.JPG

0834_Pine tree forest.JPG

0835_Back in Zipolite.JPG

0836_Zipolite_Where are the people.JPG

0837_Zipolite_a paradise.JPG



0840_Zipolite_Lots of straw houses.JPG



0843_Zipolite_Our accommodation for the first few days.JPG

0844_Zipolite_moving energy.JPG

0845_Zipolite_before the thunder started.JPG



0848_Zipolite_a professional sunbather.JPG
JULY 2009


0850_leaving Zipolite. Back on the bikes. Heading to Huatulco.JPG

0851_Surrendering to the heat in a hammock.JPG

0852_Enjoying the cooler weather.JPG

0853_The port of Huatulco.JPG


0855_Our spare bike.JPG

0856_Huatulco_Uplifting colors.JPG

0857_Back in Zipolite_some of the accommodations.JPG



0860_Zipolite_Gingerbread town.JPG

0861_Zipolite_The managers of the shop.JPG


0863_Another beach close to Zipolite.JPG

0864_They are also called The Paradise Beaches.JPG

0865_Siesta time.JPG

0866_Zipolite_The managers again.JPG

0867_Zipolite_looking for lunch.JPG

0868_Zipolite_Yummy in his tummy.JPG

0869_Zipolite_what a bighmouth.JPG





0874_Zipolite_Here they are again.JPG

0875_Zipolite_check that out.JPG

0876_Zipolite_A place without many changes.JPG

0877_Zipolite_straw hutt village.JPG

0878_Zipolite_The inside of a Cabanja.JPG

0879_Beautiful Zipolite.JPG

0880_Zipolite_fairytail house.JPG


0882_Oscar the squirl.JPG


0884_Zipolite_beautiful people.JPG

0885_Zipolite_beautiful people.JPG

0886_Zipolite_at a restaurant. Dangerous place for her..JPG

0887_Zipolite_Sleeping under the stars.JPG


0889_On our way to San Cristobal.JPG

0890_On our way to San Cristobal.JPG

0891_On our way to San Cristobal.JPG

0892_San Cristobal in the distance.JPG

0893_San Cristobal.JPG

0894_San Cristobal.JPG

0895_San Cristobal.JPG

0896_Olivia's note book comes to an end.JPG

0897_San Cristobal.JPG

0898_San Cristobal_drumming and dancing.JPG

0899_San Cristobal.JPG

0900_San Cristobal.JPG

0901_San Cristobal_nobody bosses him around.JPG

0902_San Cristobal.JPG

0903_Check out the haircutt.JPG

0904_San Cristobal.JPG

0905_San Cristobal.JPG

0906_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.jpg

0907_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.jpg

0908_San Cristobal_having a decent rest.jpg

0909_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.jpg

0910_San Cristobal_Mayan market.JPG

0911_San Cristobal_Mayan market.JPG

0912_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0913_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0914_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0915_San Cristobal.JPG

0916_San Cristobal.JPG

0917_San Cristobal_handy car.JPG

0918_San Cristobal_ancient wisdom.JPG

0919_San Cristobal.JPG

0920_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0921_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0922_San Cristobal.JPG

0923_San Cristobal_Do you need a hat.JPG

0924_San Cristobal.JPG

0925_San Cristobal.JPG

0926_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0927_San Cristobal_baby on board.JPG

0928_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0929_San Cristobal_siesta time.JPG

0930_San Cristobal_beautiful Mayans.JPG

0931_San Cristobal_outside of the city.JPG

0932_Chamula_A Mayan town.JPG

0933_Chamula_searching for ruins.JPG

0934_Chamula_A Mayan town.JPG

0935_Chamula_The mercado.JPG

0936_Chamula_A Mayan town.JPG

0937_Chamula_beautiful Mayan.JPG

0938_Chamula_happy baby.JPG

0939_Chamula_This car has history.JPG

0940_San Cristobal_Yummy corn.JPG

0941_San Cristobal_baby wrap.JPG

0942_San Cristobal.JPG

0943_San Cristobal_You better watch out.JPG

0944_San Cristobal.JPG

0945_San Cristobal_having fun.JPG

0946_San Cristobal_One of the neat hotels.JPG

0947_San Cristobal.JPG

0948_San Cristobal_I know I am cute.JPG

0949_Leaving San Cristobal. More climbing.JPG

0950_Pine forest in 2200 m height.JPG

0951_Scenery.On our way to Comitan.JPG

0952_Being in a real forest.JPG

0953_Sweetcorn business.JPG


0955_Comitan_nice haircut.JPG

0956_Comitan_three little rascals.JPG

0957_After a 20km long downhill being in a huge valley.JPG

0958_The mountains of Guatemala.JPG

0959_Sweet corn business.JPG

0960_Here are the kids who are running the corn company.JPG

0961_Our loyal friend.JPG

0962_Here is the other one.JPG

0963_Approaching the Guatemalan mountains.JPG

0964_Check out the 3rd word from the bottom on the right.JPG

0965_Almost at the border of Guatemala.JPG

0966_Looking back to beautiful Mexico.JPG

0967_Good bye Mexico.JPG

0968_Entering a new country.JPG