001_Looking back to Mexico.JPG

002_Riding into the mountains.JPG

003_The mountains of Guatemala.JPG






009_Growing sweetcorn wherever they can.JPG


011_Worker prevents rocks from sliding onto the road.JPG

012_Sweetcorn field on a steep slope.JPG

013_You have to harness yourself to the other side.JPG

014_Little fruit stand.JPG



017_San Sebastian_Where we stayed.JPG

018_San Sebastian_Camping in a family's yard.JPG

019_San Sebastian_People carry heavy things.JPG

020_View of San Sebastian.JPG

021_San Sebastian_Taking his pig for a walk.JPG

022_Who are you.JPG

023_San Sebastian_Lovely people gave us a place to stay.JPG

024_Huehuetenango_The market.JPG

025_Huehuetenango_Getting some nuts.JPG

026_Huehuetenango_Stand on wheels with microphone.JPG

027_Huehuetenango_Siesta time.JPG


029_Huehuetenango_The market.JPG

030_Huehuetenango_The market.JPG

031_More climbing.JPG

032_Here comes the weather.JPG

033_It might rain.JPG

034_Chiquival_Staying in the living room.JPG

035_Chiquival_King of the radio.JPG

036_Chiquival_Lovely people.JPG

037_Chiquival_The tortilleria.JPG

038_Chiquival_Cosy kitchen.JPG

039_Chiquival_Learning how to make tortillas.JPG

040_Chiquival_The stove and hot water system for shower.JPG

041_Chiquival_Looking down.JPG

042_Chiquival_The place where we stayed.JPG


044_Chiquival_got fresh Yacaranda leaves given, good for parasites.JPG

045_Chiquival_beautiful people.JPG

046_Chiquival_giving it a shot.JPG

047_More climbing.JPG

048_The mountain people.JPG

049_Vulcano in the distance.JPG

050_Houses tucked away in corn fields.JPG

051_Living in a corn field.JPG


053_Pijijin the pet.JPG

054_Quezaltenango_Chocolate fountain.JPG







061_Quezaltenango_View to a vulcano.JPG

062_Quezaltenango_carrying their kids.JPG

063_Quezaltenango_Traditional people.JPG



066_Quezaltenango_Hot Springs.JPG

067_Quezaltenango_Hot Springs.JPG


069_Quezaltenango_Hot Springs.JPG

070_Steps to the unknown.JPG

071_Being in the clouds.JPG

072_Quezaltenango_People carry heavy things.JPG



075_Quezaltenango_beautiful people.JPG


077_Quezaltenango_do you need a cage.JPG

078_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

079_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

080_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

081_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

082_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

083_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

084_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG

085_Quezaltenango_The market.JPG








093_Typing lessons in San Cristobal Totonicapan.JPG

094_San Cristobal Totonicapan_the house of Lucas.JPG

095_San Cristobal Totonicapan_happy duck.JPG

096_Enjoying the scenery.JPG

097_Up in more than 9000 feet.JPG

098_Up in the clouds.Cold air..JPG

099_The roofs of Nahuala.JPG


101_Stove of the locals.JPG

102_Wide and smooth roads.JPG

103_peaceful valley.JPG

104_Vulcano at Lake Atitlan.JPG

105_Houses tucked away in cornfields.JPG

106_Lake Atitlan.JPG

107_Lake Atitlan. Dropping from 7000ft to 4800ft.JPG

108_Panajachel_Our accommodation at lake Atitlan.JPG

109_Lake Atitlan.JPG

110_Lake Atitlan.JPG

111_Lake Atitlan.JPG

112_Streetfood in Panajachel.JPG

113_Lake Atitlan.JPG

114_Panajachel_on of our tour jobs.JPG

115_Panajachel_our office.JPG

116_Panajachel_the yard from our accommodation.JPG

117_Panajachel_how moms carry their kids.JPG

118_People carry lots of things on their heads.JPG

119_Panajachel_The locals selling stuff.JPG

120_The lake.JPG

121_The lake.JPG

122_The lake.JPG

123_The lake.JPG

124_The lake.JPG

125_The lake.JPG

126_Panajachel_our accommodation.JPG


128_On our way to the other side of the lake to San Pedro.JPG

129_The lake.JPG

130_Simple fisher boats.JPG

131_Almost in San Pedro.JPG

132_Arriving in San Pedro.JPG

133_The lake.JPG

134_San Pedro_View from our host family.JPG

135_San Pedro_View from our home stay.JPG

136_San Pedro_Small streets.JPG

137_San Pedro_Ricksas.JPG

138_San Pedro_The street in where we live.JPG

139_San Pedro_Our host mom.JPG

140_San Pedro_Classroom.JPG

141_San Pedro_On our way to the classrooms.JPG

142_San Pedro_oh the grammar.JPG

143_San Pedro_teachers pet.JPG

144_The lake.JPG

145_San Pedro_Our mamasita.JPG

146_San Pedro_roofs.JPG

147_San Pedro.jpg

148_The lake.JPG

149_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

150_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

151_San Pedro_people wash their clothes.JPG

152_San Pedro_it really doesn't sink.JPG

153_San Pedro_on his way.JPG

154_San Pedro_washing business.JPG

155_San Pedro_roofs.JPG

156_San Pedro.JPG

157_The lake.JPG

158_The lake.JPG

159_The lake.JPG

160_The lake.JPG

161_The lake.JPG

162_The lake.JPG

163_San Pedro.JPG

164_San Pedro.JPG

165_the lake.JPG

166_The lake.JPG

167_The lake.JPG

168_The lake.JPG

169_Different transport.JPG

170_The proud owner Pedro.JPG

171_Office of the Spanish school.JPG


173_San Pedro.JPG

174_San Pedro_Rainy season.JPG

175_San Pedro_The stove from our host family.JPG

176_San Pedro_Independence day.JPG

177_San Pedro_Audience everywhere.JPG

178_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

179_San Pedro_Smoke above San Pablo.JPG

180_San Pedro_My host sister and brother.JPG

181_San Pedro_washing clothes.JPG

182_San Pedro.JPG

183_San Pedro.JPG

184_San Pedro_interesting roofs.JPG

185_San Pedro_Guatemalan coffee roster.JPG

186_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

187_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

188_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

189_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

190_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

191_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

192_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

193_San Pedro_The Quetzal bird.JPG

194_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

195_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

196_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

197_San Pedro_street life.JPG

198_San Pedro_Street life.JPG

199_San Pedro_chit chat.JPG

200_San Pedro_Welcome.JPG

201_San Pedro_Coffee beans.JPG

202_San Pedro.JPG

203_San Pedro_Roofs again.JPG

204_San Pedro.JPG

205_View to San Pedro.JPG

206_San Pedro_Cornfields almost in the vertical.JPG

207_San Pedro.JPG

208_San Pedro_Washing time.JPG

209_San Pedro_daughter and dad.JPG

210_San Pedro.JPG

211_San Pedro_little paths everywhere.JPG

212_San Pedro_steels poles in the walls at a finished state.JPG

213_San Pedro_Tiny streets and mud houses.JPG

214_San Pedro_The cemetary.JPG

215_San Pedro_The cemetary.JPG

216_San Pedro_The cemetary.JPG

217_San Pedro_Written in Tutzujil, their local language.JPG

218_San Pedro_more tiny streets.JPG

219_View to San Pedro and vulcano.JPG

220_The lake.JPG

221_The lake.JPG

222_San Pedro_The market.JPG

223_San Pedro_The market.JPG

224_San Pedro_The market.JPG

225_San Pedro_The market.JPG

226_San Pedro_The market.JPG

227_San Pedro_The market.JPG

228_San Pedro_The market.JPG

229_San Pedro_The market.JPG

230_San Pedro_The market.JPG

231_San Pedro_The market.jpg

232_San Pedro_Walk through the coffee fields.JPG

233_San Pedro_coffee plants.JPG

234_San Pedro_Carrying wood.JPG

235_San Pedro_Chicken, boy and kite on the roof.JPG

236_San Pedro_Chicken, boy and kite on the roof.JPG

237_San Pedro_Traditional clothes.jpg

238_View to San Pedro.JPG

239_The lake.JPG

240_View to San Pedro.JPG

241_The lake.JPG

242_View to San Pedro.JPG

243_The lake.JPG

244_Surrounded by coffee and sweetcorn plants.JPG

245_San Pedro_Coffee plant.JPG

246_In the background the INDIAN NOSE.JPG


248_View to San Pablo.JPG

249_Who is that.JPG


251_San Pedro_Helping the the center for disabled children.JPG

252_San Pedro_Playing with the kids.JPG

253_San Pedro_Paulina.JPG

254_Antigua_wheelchair production.JPG

255_Antigua_Getting the wheelchair for Paulina.jpg

256_San Pedro_Paulina in her new wheelchair.JPG

257_San Pedro_Beautiful children.JPG

258_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

259_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

260_San Pedro_With Senor Cortez on the Indian Nose.JPG

261_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

262_San Pedro_Cemetary.JPG

263_San Pedro_Carrying heavy things.JPG

264_San Pedro_Children.JPG

265_San Pedro_Children.JPG

266_San Pedro_Shoes.JPG

267_San Pedro_Mamasita.JPG

268_San Pedro_Who is that.JPG

269_San Pedro_Olivias teacher.JPG

270_San Pedro_Painting.JPG

271_San Pedro_Painting.JPG

272_San Pedro_Small streets.JPG


274_Antigua_hats and heads.JPG






280_Antigua_Posh restaurant.JPG

281_Antigua_flower power.JPG





286_Antigua_The Mayans.JPG

287_San Pedro_The king of coffee roasting.JPG

288_San Pedro_Bhintis teacher plus family.JPG

289_San Pedro_Small streets.JPG

290_San Pedro_Jose.JPG

291_San Pedro_Hello.JPG

292_San Pedro_The queen of chocobananos.JPG

293_San Pedro_Our host brother.JPG

294_San Pedro_Our host sister.JPG

295_San Pedro_View from the house where we stayed.JPG

296_San Pedro_Our host family.JPG

297_San Pedro_Mamasitas little store.JPG

298_San Pedro_Saying good bye.JPG

299_Leaving San Pedro by boat.JPG

300_Bhintis new bike.JPG

301_Behind the sunrays is San Pedro.JPG

302_View from Panajachel.JPG

303_Panajachel_Olivia tries to balance the clothes on the head like the Mayans do.JPG

304_Leaving Lake Atitlan.JPG

305_Leaving Lake Atitlan.JPG

306_Siquinala_Our guards for a short while.JPG

307_Siquinala_Nobody gets into the store.JPG

308_Siquinala_Public washing area.JPG

309_Taxisco_Mother and children.JPG

310_Taxisco_Mother and children.JPG

311_Taxisco_Mother and children.JPG

312_Taxisco_Mother and children.JPG

313_Taxisco_Nature shower.JPG

314_Taxisco_New coconut tree.JPG

315_Taxisco_Washing area.JPG


317_Taxisco_The property.JPG

318_Taking the boat to Monterrico, also cars get transported.JPG

319_The lagoon of Monterrico.JPG

320_The son, where we stayed for two nights, came with us.JPG

321_The lagoon of Monterrico.JPG

322_The lagoon of Monterrico.JPG

323_The lagoon of Monterrico.JPG

324_The lagoon of Monterrico.JPG

325_Arriving in Monterrico.JPG

326_The beach of Monterrico.JPG

327_Taxisco_One of their pets.JPG

328_Taxisco_Beautiful property.JPG

329_Taxisco_The family.JPG

330_Taxisco_Old old old.JPG

331_Taxisco_Our room in the empty house.JPG

332_Taxisco_The bat in our room.JPG

333_Taxisco_Saying good bye.JPG

334_On our way to the border of El Salvador.JPG

335_Check out the hammocks on the side of the truck.JPG

336_One more week of rainy season.JPG

337_Getting closer to the border.JPG

338_Almost there.JPG

339_Looking back.JPG