001_Riding into Nicaragua.JPG

002_Great transport.JPG

003_Our cycle friend we met, going to Tierra del Fuego too.JPG

004_Beautiful cows.JPG

005_Land of cattle.JPG

006_Simple houses.JPG

007_Free horses.JPG

008_Simple houses.JPG

009_Riding with our cycle friend.JPG

010_Free cattle.JPG

011_Passing a chain of volcanos.JPG

012_More and more cattle.JPG

013_Land of the volcanos.JPG

014_Beauty of nature.JPG

015_Cattle and horses everywhere.JPG

016_Two cowboys.JPG

017_Hidden baby.JPG

018_Villa Salvadorita_Our homestay, their house.JPG

019_Salvadorita_Our host family.JPG

020_Salvadorita_the house from inside.JPG

021_Salvadorita_camping right next to pig.JPG

022_Salvadorita_our cycle friend.JPG

023_Salvadorita_taking the kids out.JPG

024_Salvadorita_setting up the tent on the bed.JPG

025_Salvadorita_the backyard.JPG

026_Salvadorita_their well.JPG

027_Salvadorita_their shower.JPG

028_Salvadorita_their toilet.JPG

029_Salvadorita_their house.JPG

030_Salvadorita_volcano and cloud blanket.JPG

031_Salvadorita_the family's finca.JPG

032_Salvadorita_the wild west.JPG

033_Salvadorita_here they are.JPG

034_Salvadorita_loving people.JPG

035_Salvadorita_saddle swing.JPG

037_Salvadorita_children at work.JPG

038_Salvadorita_our host dad has it all under control.JPG

039_Heading towards Chinandega.JPG

040_Flat and straight.JPG

041_Paradise for cattle.JPG

042_Passing more volcanos.JPG


044_Cotton field.JPG

045_how did the shoes end up on the wire.JPG

046_Riding around Momotombo.JPG

047_bicycle ricksha.JPG

048_Chinandega_Great exersise.JPG


050_Leon_old church.JPG

051_Leon_typical courtyards in the houses.JPG

052_Leon_taking a bicycle ricksha.JPG

053_Leon_Bhintis new bike.JPG

054_Leon_popular transport.JPG

055_Leon_more popular transport.JPG

056_Leon_old and new.JPG

057_Leon_family trip.JPG

058_Leon_viva Daniel Ortega.JPG

059_Leon_bike shop.JPG

060_Leon_tree shop.JPG

061_Heading towards lake Managua.JPG

062_Cotton and volcano.JPG

063_Lake Managua.JPG

064_Granada_food mile.JPG


066_Granada_busy street.JPG

067_Granada_lots of carriages pulled by horses.JPG

068_Granada_street stands.JPG

069_Granada_the mercado.JPG

070_Granada_historical part.JPG

071_Granada_historical church.JPG

072_Granada_oldest city in Nicaragua.JPG

073_Granada_our little trip.JPG

074_Granada_more for culture friends.JPG

075_Granada_enjoying the trip.JPG

076_Granada_historical part.JPG

077_Granada_old houses.JPG


079_Granada_at a baseball game.JPG

080_Granada_the food mile.JPG

081_Granada_little boys walking the big doll.JPG

082_Granada_the popular rockingchairs.JPG

083_Leaving Granada.JPG

084_Beautiful alley.JPG

085_Having brekkie in nature.JPG

086_Meeting other cyclists coming from Tierra del Fuego.JPG

087_Beautiful moth.JPG

088_Lake Nicaragua, looking at the island Ometepe.JPG

089_Lake Nicaragua_locals walk with all their clothes through the water.JPG

090_Lake Nicaragua_fun in the lake.JPG

091_The ferry to Ometepe.JPG

093_On our way to Ometepe.JPG

094_Ometepe_the volcano Concepcion.JPG

095_Ometepe_the map.JPG

096_Ometepe_taking it easy.JPG




100_Ometepe_pig drinking out of the lake.JPG

101_Ometepe_Horses everrywhere.JPG

102_Ometepe_and cows everywhere.JPG

103_Ometepe_one of the beaches.JPG


105_Ometepe_walking along a lagoon.JPG




109_Ometepe_time for the cows to drink.JPG

110_Ometepe_thirst killed.JPG

111_Ometepe_one of the two volcanos.JPG

112_Ometepe_nothing better than a good scratch.JPG

113_Ometepe_simple houses.JPG

114_Ometepe_he was a good talker, could also laugh.JPG

115_Ometepe_at work.JPG

116_Ometepe_washing clothes.JPG

117_Ometepe_living in the tropics.JPG


119_Ometepe_happy family.JPG

120_Ometepe_beauty of nature.JPG

121_Ometepe_gathering the cows.JPG

122_Ometepe_on the way home.JPG

123_Ometepe_proud rooster.JPG

124_Ometepe_a picture that you see often.JPG

125_Riding along the lake towards the border of Costa Rica.JPG

126_Riding along the lake towards the border of Costa Rica.JPG

127_First windpark we have seen.JPG

128_Soon leaving the lake.JPG

129_on coin it says we believe in god.JPG

130_At the border. Looking back..JPG