Costa Rica



005_La Cruz_Jarada beach.JPG

006_La Cruz_a cyclist with hammock and tent.JPG

007_La Cruz_He came up from Tierra del Fuego.JPG

008_Riding to Canas Dulces.JPG

009_Riding to Canas Dulces.JPG

010_Riding to Canas Dulces.JPG



013_Canas Dulces_Gingerman.JPG

014_Canas Dulces_Our Swiss friends.JPG

015_Canas Dulces_Our Swiss friends.JPG

016_Canas Dulces_Great pizza oven.JPG

017_Canas Dulces_Home for our bikes.JPG
Holiday with Olivia's parents 08.12.-24.12.09

021_Coffee fields.JPG

022_Boca Topada_The locals.JPG

023_Boca Topada_No flashlight needed.JPG

024_Boca Topada_The locals.JPG

025_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

026_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

027_Boca Topada_Our relatives.jpg

028_Boca Topada_Our relatives.jpg

029_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

030_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

031_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

032_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

033_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

034_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

035_Boca Topada_The locals.jpg

036_Boca Topada_The locals.JPG

037_Boca Topada_The locals.JPG

038_Boca Topada_Can you see the photographer.JPG

039_Boca Topada_Jungle.JPG

040_Boca Topada_Jungle.JPG

041_Boca Topada_Jungle.JPG

042_Boca Topada_Email tree.JPG

043_Boca Topada_Jungle.JPG

044_Boca Topada_Our balcony.JPG

045_Boca Topada_Our balcony.JPG

046_Boca Topada_Our lodge.JPG

047_Boca Topada_on the lagoon.JPG

048_Boca Topada_on the lagoon.JPG

049_Boca Topada_on the lagoon.JPG

050_Boca Topada_on the lagoon.JPG

051_Boca Topada_on the lagoon.JPG

052_Boca Topada_on the lagoon.JPG

053_On our way to the river.JPG

054_San Carlos river.JPG

055_San Carlos river.JPG

056_San Carlos river.JPG

057_San Carlos river.jpg

058_San Carlos river.jpg

059_San Carlos river.jpg

060_San Carlos river.jpg

061_San Carlos river.jpg

062_San Carlos river_bats.jpg

063_San Carlos river_bats.jpg

064_San Carlos river.jpg

065_San Carlos river.JPG

066_San Carlos river_part of plane from war.JPG

067_San Carlos river.JPG

068_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

069_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

070_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

071_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

072_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

073_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

074_San Carlos river_border to Nicaragua.JPG

075_San Carlos river.JPG

076_San Carlos river.JPG

077_San Carlos river.JPG

078_Boca Topada_nosebears.jpg

079_Boca Topada_nosebears.JPG

080_Boca Topada_Surrounded by sweeties.JPG

081_Boca Topada_my parents and I.JPG

082_Boca Topada_enjoying the balcony.JPG

083_Boca Topada_how got the fruit into the bottle.JPG

084_Boca Topada_view from the balcony.JPG

085_Boca Topada_a local.JPG

086_Boca Topada.JPG

087_Boca Topada.JPG

088_Leaving the lodge.JPG

089_Beautiful tropics.JPG

090_Houses on poles.JPG

091_Pineapple fields.JPG

092_Pineapple fields.JPG

093_Mystery mountains.JPG

094_Moin_The Caribbean coast.JPG

095_Moin_The Caribbean coast.JPG

096_Moin_The Caribbean coast.JPG

097_Moin_tummy time.JPG

098_Moin_Our hotel.JPG

099_Thief plundering the food bag.JPG

100_Moin_A local.jpg

101_The Caribbean coast.JPG

102_Moin_DOLE country.JPG

103_DOLE shipping.JPG

103_Moin_Where do the DOLE bananas go.JPG

104_The Caribbean coast_Wildlife.JPG

105_Cahuitla nationalpark.JPG

105_Cahuitla nationalpark_.JPG

106_Cahuitla nationalpark.JPG

108_Cahuitla nationalpark.JPG

109_Cahuitla nationalpark.JPG

110_Cahuitla nationalpark.JPG

111_Bimbo is everywhere.JPG

112_San Jose_Security.JPG





117_Tarcoles_Enjoying the pool at the Cerr lodge.JPG


119_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge.JPG

120_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge.JPG

121_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge.JPG

122_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge.JPG

123_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge_bathroom.JPG

124_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge.JPG

125_Tarcoles_The Cerro lodge_good food.JPG

126_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_guard toad.JPG

127_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_guard toad.JPG

128_Jaco beach.JPG

129_Jaco beach.JPG

130_Jaco beach.JPG

131_Tarcoles_Cerrlo lodge_Playing cards.JPG

132_Carara park_busy ants.jpg

133_Carara park_the relatives again.jpg

134_Carara park_the relatives again.jpg

154_Carara park_roots a nd roots.JPG

155_Captain pele.JPG

156_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_making music.JPG

157_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_a walk.JPG

158_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_a walk.JPG

159_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_a walk.JPG

160_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_a walk.JPG

161_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_a walk.JPG

162_Papi preparing a food container.JPG

163_Can you see Klaus aura.JPG

164_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_check out the plants.JPG

164_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge_great staff.JPG

165_Tarcoles_Cerro lodge.JPG


168_Lake Arenal.JPG

169_Lake Arenal.JPG

170_German bakery.JPG

171_German bakery.JPG

172_German bakery.JPG

173_German bakery.JPG





178_Fortuna_playing cards.jpg

179_Fortunaplaying cards.JPG

179_Fortuna_paying cards.JPG

180_Fortuna_our accommodation.jpg

180_Fortuna_our hutt.JPG


181_Fortuna_our hutt.JPG


182_Fortuna_our hutt.JPG

183_Fortuna_our own bats.JPG

184_Fortuna_our own bats.JPG




188_leaving the tropics behind.JPG

189_Curubande_our last breakfast together.JPG

190_Curubande_old trees.JPG

191_Curubande_eucalyptus trees.JPG

192_Curubande_family photo.JPG

193_Curubande_donkeys running around.JPG

194_Curubande_donkeys running around.JPG

195_Curubande_donkeys running around.JPG

196_Curubande_donkeys running around.JPG

197_Curubande_Siesta time.JPG

198_Curubande_Siesta time.JPG

199_Curubande_also horses chased by dogs run around.JPG


201_Curubande_Walk to a waterfall.JPG

202_Curubande_Walk to a waterfall.JPG

203_Curubande_Walk to a waterfall.JPG

204_Curubande_Walk to a waterfall.JPG

205_Curubande_our last evening together.JPG


207_Curubande_My parents are leaving.JPG

208_Good bye.JPG


Here comes our beautiful time together to an end

216_Curubande_saying good bye to the friendly staff.JPG

217_Meditating angel.JPG

218_On our way back to Canas dulces.JPG

219_Interesting spot for a birds nest.JPG

220_Costa Rican cow.JPG

221_Canas Dulces_Our lovely home for a while.JPG

221_Canas Dulces_Our Swiss friends offer us a place to stay while my wrist is healing.JPG

222_Canas Dulces_Our lovely home for a while, lucky us.JPG

223_Canas Dulces_Our dining area.JPG

224_Canas Dulces_Our lovely friends and amazing hosts, thank you so much.JPG

225_Canas Dulces_The lowland.JPG

226_Canas Dulces_us.JPG

227_Canas Dulces_another day comes to an end.JPG

228_Canas Dulces_burning stuff.JPG

229_Canas Dulces_Camping in the yard on NewYears Eve.JPG

230_Canas Dulces_Our temporary sweet home.JPG

236_Canas Dulces_Friends of friends, our friends.JPG

237_Canas Dulces_lovely people.JPG

238_Canas Dulces_Thank you for the invitation.JPG

239_Thank you dear Pit, Babsi, Ueli, Anita and Michael.JPG

240_Canas Dulces_The gardener is having a decent rest.JPG

241_Canas Dulces_The guard Dobermans.jpg

242_Canas Dulces_Beaking bread.jpg

243_Canas Dulces_The pizza oven.JPG

244_Canas Dulces_Almost done.JPG

245_Canas Dulces_getting the pizza out.JPG

246_Canas Dulces_the pizza queen.jpg

247_Canas Dulces_getting ready.JPG

248_Canas Dulces_full moon.JPG

250_Canas Dulces_caring children.JPG

251_Canas Dulces_the pool.JPG

252_Canas Dulces_our view from the house.JPG

253_Canas Dulces_the house where we stay.JPG

254_Canas Dulces_the house where we stay.JPG

255_Canas Dulces_doing the laundry.JPG

256_El Coco_you better watch out.JPG

257_Playa Ocoatal.JPG

258_Playa Ocotal.JPG

258_Playa Ocotal_.JPG

259_busy birds.JPG

260_busy birds.JPG

261_busy birds.JPG

262_busy birds.JPG

263_Playa Panama.JPG

264_Playa Panama_Babsi.JPG

265_Playa Panama.JPG

266_Playa Hermosa_too bad starting without permission.JPG

267_Canas Dulces_owls in the garden.JPG

268_Canas Dulces_owls in the garden.jpg

269_Canas Dulces_owls in the garden.jpg

270_Canas Dulces_lizzard.jpg

271_Rincon de la vieja_a crab in the forest.jpg

272_Rincon de la vieja_a crab in the forest.jpg

273_Rincon de la vieja_a forest crab.JPG

274_Rincon de la vieja_a prickly tree.jpg

275_Rincon de la vieja_our relatives.jpg

276_Rincon de la vieja_our relatives.jpg

277_Rincon de la vieja_our relatives.jpg

278_Rincon de la vieja.JPG

279_Rincon de la vieja_lizzard.JPG

280_Rincon de la vieja.JPG

281_Rincon de la vieja_a ball of fur.JPG

282_Rincon de la vieja_a Faultier.JPG

283_Rincon de la vieja_aguti.JPG

284_Rincon de la vieja_our friends.JPG

285_Rincon de la vieja_getting to the sulfur pools.JPG

286_Rincon de la vieja_smelly and bubbling pools.JPG

287_Rincon de la vieja_smelly and bubbling pools.JPG

288_Rincon de la vieja_smelly and bubbling pools.JPG

289_Rincon de la vieja_smelly and bubbling pools.jpg

290_Rincon de la vieja_smelly and bubbling pools.jpg

291_Rincon de la vieja_smelly and bubbling pools.JPG

292_Rincon de la vieja.JPG

293_Rincon de la vieja_one meter high ants hill.JPG

294_Rincon de la vieja_trees that grow around trees.JPG

295_Rincon de la vieja_trees that grow around trees and the tree already died and disappeared.JPG

296_Rincon de la vieja_trees that grow around trees and the tree already died and disappeared.JPG

297_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots.JPG

298_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots.JPG

299_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots.JPG

300_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots and a mystery hand.JPG

301_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots.JPG

302_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots.JPG

303_Rincon de la vieja_trees and roots.JPG

304_Canas Dulces_birdlife.JPG

305_Canas Dulces_our Swiss friends.JPG

306_Canas Dulces_buzzing.jpg

307_Canas Dulces_our neighbour.jpg

308_Canas Dulces_our neighbour.jpg

309_Canas Dulces_our neighbour.JPG

310_Canas Dulces_our neighbour.JPG

311_Canas Dulces_who is at the door.JPG

312_Canas Dulces_birdlife.jpg

313_Canas Dulces_birdlife.JPG

314_Canas Dulces_birdlife.JPG

315_Canas Dulces_Our angel friend.JPG

319_On our way to the Nicoya peninsula.JPG

320_Nuevo Colon_Back in the tent.JPG

321_Pushing up the hills.JPG

322_Pushing up the hills.JPG

323_The monkey trail.JPG

324_Arriving in Potrero.JPG


326_On our way to Brasilito.JPG

327_Brasilito_Falling from the chair into the hammock.JPG

328_Is that you....JPG









337_Brasilito_Check out the wiring.JPG

338_Back on the road.JPG

339_Check out the sign.JPG

340_Rest in Playa Avallena.JPG

341_Playa Negra_Stay with Americans.JPG

342_Don't go too fast.JPG

343_Playa Negra.JPG

344_Playa Negra.JPG

345_Teak wood forest.JPG

346_River crossing.JPG

347_Berry invited us to stay at his place.JPG

348_Cooling off.JPG

349_Feeling the dry heat.JPG



352_Another beach.JPG

353_Not running out of dirt road.JPG

353_Playa Gaza.JPG

354_Another river crossing.JPG

355_River crossing.JPG

356_Towards Playa Ostional.JPG

357_Playa Ostional_in the backyard.JPG

358_Playa Ostional.JPG


360_Ice at the beach.JPG


362_the road.JPG

363_The freaks.JPG

364_Another river crossing.JPG


366_Samara_Our camp spot.JPG









375_Samara_Meeting a guy who has travelled for 20 years.JPG

376_Samara_One or two squirls.JPG

377_Samara_Four homeless people.JPG

378_Samara_Family trip.JPG


380_Samara_Bhinti getting a treatment.JPG

381_Playa Carillo.JPG

382_Playa Carillo.JPG

383_Playa Carillo_Our home.JPG

384_Playa Carillo.JPG

385_Playa Carillo.JPG

386_The reward after a hill.JPG


388_Steep hills.JPG

389_Hoser hosing down.JPG

390_Cows with long ears.JPG

391_Last hill before we get to San Miguel.JPG

392_San Miguel.JPG

393_San Miguel.JPG

394_San Miguel.JPG

395_San Miguel.JPG

396_San Miguel_camping.JPG

397_Rocky road. But not ateble.JPG

398_Not running out of steep hills.JPG

399_Crossing Rio Bongo.JPG

400_Following the wrong track along Rio Bongo.JPG

401_Poor people are stuck in a riverbed. Water is rising.JPG

402_Rio Bongo_On the wrong path.JPG

403_Ario_The only way to get to the next village.JPG



406_Riding towards Sta Teresa.JPG

407_Riding towards Sta Teresa.JPG

408_Beach riding.JPG

409_Towards Montezma. Big drop..JPG


411_Montezuma_we made it.JPG

412_Montezuma_We made it.JPG

415_Montezuma_Beach camping.JPG

416_Montezuma_Doing the chores.JPG



419_Montezuma_The office.JPG

420_up and down the dirt roads.JPG

421_Watch out. Steep downhill.JPG

422_End of paved road.JPG

423_Leaving the Nicoya peninsula.JPG

424_Leaving the Nicoya peninsula.JPG

425_Puntarenas_behind barrs again.JPG

526_Caldera_coastline on the mainland.JPG

527_Caldera_yummy fruit stand.JPG

528_Passing the Cerro Lodge.JPG

529_Rio Tarcoles_you wouldnt want to swim here.JPG

530_Rio Tarcoles_you wouldnt want to swim here.JPG

531_Rio Tarcoles_you wouldnt want to swim here.JPG

532_Rio Tarcoles_you wouldnt want to swim here.JPG

533_Tarcoles_our demolition house.JPG

534_Tarcoles_camping in the demolition house.JPG

535_Climbing a monster hill on our way to Jaco beach.JPG

536_Bay of Jaco.JPG

537_Playa Bejuco.JPG

538_Playa Bejuco.JPG

539_It is getting greener all the time.JPG

540_Passing palm oil trees on a long flat and straight road.JPG

541_Meeting another cyclist from Italy.JPG

542_Quepos_the inlet.JPG

543_Beauty of nature.JPG

544_Tropics and mountains.JPG


546_Playa Dominical.JPG

547_Bags and bikes.JPG

548_Playa Dominical.JPG

549_Heading to Uvita.JPG

550_Uvita_Tukan Hotel. Cool hangout.JPG

551_Uvita_check out the TV area.JPG

552_Riding deeper into the tropics.JPG



555_Arch of palm oil trees.JPG



558_Fixing a flat tire in the ditch.JPG

559_Loof for the ISO 9001 patch.JPG

560_Palm oil factory.JPG

561_Riding in heat and humidity.JPG


563_Meeting other cyclists.JPG

564_Our last day in Costa Rica.JPG