Guatemala: Quezaltenango-San Pedro 25.8.-11.9.09



12_Typing lessons in San Cristobal Totonicapan.JPG

13_San Cristobal Totonicapan_the house of Lucas.JPG

14_San Cristobal Totonicapan_happy duck.JPG

15_Enjoying the scenery.JPG

16_Up in more than 9000 feet.JPG

17_Up in the clouds.Cold air..JPG

18_The roofs of Nahuala.JPG


20_Stove of the locals.JPG

21_Wide and smooth roads.JPG

22_peaceful valley.JPG

23_Vulcano at Lake Atitlan.JPG

24_Houses tucked away in cornfields.JPG

25_Lake Atitlan.JPG

26_Lake Atitlan. Dropping from 7000ft to 4800ft.JPG

27_Panajachel_Our accommodation at lake Atitlan.JPG

28_Lake Atitlan.JPG

29_Lake Atitlan.JPG

30_Lake Atitlan.JPG

31_Streetfood in Panajachel.JPG

32_Lake Atitlan.JPG

33_Panajachel_on of our tour jobs.JPG

34_Panajachel_our office.JPG

35_Panajachel_the yard from our accommodation.JPG

36_Panajachel_how moms carry their kids.JPG

37_People carry lots of things on their heads.JPG

38_Panajachel_The locals selling stuff.JPG

39_The lake.JPG

40_The lake.JPG

41_The lake.JPG

42_The lake.JPG

43_The lake.JPG

44_The lake.JPG

45_Panajachel_our accommodation.JPG


47_On our way to the other side of the lake to San Pedro.JPG

48_The lake.JPG

49_Simple fisher boats.JPG

50_Almost in San Pedro.JPG

51_Arriving in San Pedro.JPG

52_The lake.JPG

53_San Pedro_View from our host family.JPG

54_San Pedro_View from our home stay.JPG

55_San Pedro_Small streets.JPG

56_San Pedro_Ricksas.JPG

57_San Pedro_The street in where we live.JPG

58_San Pedro_Our host mom.JPG

59_San Pedro_Our mamasita.JPG

60_San Pedro.JPG

61_The lake.JPG

62_The lake.JPG

63_The lake.JPG

64_nice farms.JPG

65_San Pedro_roofs.JPG

66_San Pedro.jpg

67_San Pedro_Scenery.JPG

68_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

69_San Pedro_The lake.JPG

70_San Pedro_people wash their clothes.JPG

71_San Pedro_it really doesn't sink.JPG

72_San Pedro_on his way.JPG

73_San Pedro_washing business.JPG

74_San Pedro_roofs.JPG

75_San Pedro.JPG

76_The lake.JPG

77_The lake.JPG

78_The lake.JPG

79_The lake.JPG

80_The lake.JPG

81_The lake.JPG

82_San Pedro.JPG

83_San Pedro.JPG

84_the lake.JPG

85_The lake.JPG

86_The lake.JPG

87_The lake.JPG

88_Different transport.JPG

89_The proud owner Pedro.JPG

90_Office of the Spanish school.JPG

91_San Pedro_Classroom.JPG

92_San Pedro_Classroom.JPG

93_San Pedro_happy studying.JPG

94_San Pedro_On our way to the classrooms.JPG

95_San Pedro_Classroom.JPG

96_San Pedro_oh the grammar.JPG

97_San Pedro_teachers pet.JPG

98_San Pedro_Our host mom.jpg

99_Our host daddy.jpg