Mexico: Wetlands, Tepic, Tequila

10_Puerta de las Palapares_life in a village.JPG

11_Puerta de las Palapares_village life.JPG

12_Puerta de las Palapares_Mexican humble home.JPG

13_Puerta de las Palapares_village houses.JPG

14_On our way to get the next fisherman boat.JPG

15_Boat but not people.JPG

16_Still waiting in the middle of nowhere.JPG

17_They really came and picked us up.JPG

18_Beach riding.JPG

19_Who are the vultures waiting for.JPG

20_Pelicans doing an excursion.JPG

21_One of the many dead snakes on the road.JPG

22_In the wetlands.JPG

23_Beauty and simplicity.JPG

24_Where are the crocodiles.JPG

25_Another day is about to pass.JPG

26_Santa Cruz_the Mexicans love their hammocks.JPG

27_Santa Cruz_2500 people and 5000 horses.JPG

28_Santa Cruz_no touristas.JPG

29_Santa Cruz_Why are the hammocks empty.JPG

30_Santa Cruz_only curtains for the bathroom, no doors.JPG

31_Santa Cruz_the family offered us to stay in their backyard.JPG

32_Santa Cruz_okay, here we go.JPG

33_Santa Cruz_surrounded by pigs.JPG

34_Santa Cruz_the chicken cube tree.JPG

35__Santa Cruz_only 8 days old.JPG

36_Santa Cruz_happy mother.JPG

37_Santa Cruz_Bhinti doing the chores.JPG

38_Santa Cruz_thats the way to do it.JPG

39__Santa Cruz_trick to keep the sandflies away.JPG

40__Santa Cruz_taking it easy.JPG

41_No comments.JPG

42_In the wetlands.JPG

43_The wetlands.JPG

44__The wetlands_mangroves.JPG

45_The wetlands.JPG

46_The wetlands_lots of bird life.JPG

57_Colours of nature.JPG

58_Why taking down the old electricity pole.JPG


60_Check that out and have a decent look.JPG

61_Pumpkin party.JPG

62_Mexican dinosaur.JPG

63_One of these street food stands.JPG

64_Another Mexican home.JPG

65_Street business.JPG


67_Good, we don't need to get over that bridge.JPG

68_San Blas_cars for sale (not a joke).JPG

69_San Blas.JPG

70_San Blas_The square.JPG

71_San Blas_lots of new 'stuff' to try.JPG

72_San Blas_The boss of the loundry store.JPG

73_San Blas_What to buy, tires or cages.JPG

74_San Blas_Furniture and motorcycles.JPG

75_San Blas_Talking hats.JPG

76_Tepic_Musician on his way.JPG

77_Tepic_Check out the washing mashines.JPG

78_Tepic_City center.JPG

79_Tepic_Dancing on the square.JPG

80_Tepic_Going crazy.JPG

81_Tepic_Who wants stuff.JPG

82_Tepic_Handcraft made by the native Indians.JPG


84_Tepic_Easter preperations.JPG

85_Tepic_Shoeshine freeway.JPG

86_Tepic_How did the cross get into the soap bubble.JPG

87_Tepic_Serious nail business.JPG

88_Tepic_Nails for all occasions.JPG

89_Tepic_Sugarcane man.JPG

90_Tired children.JPG

91_Busride to Tequila.JPG

92_Busride to Tequila.JPG


94_Siesta and musica.JPG

95_Bike business.JPG

96_Busride to Tequila, agave fields.JPG

97_Finally arrived in TEQUILA.JPG


99_Tequila_The real stuff.JPG