Guatemala: San Pedro 12.-27.09.09


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14_San Pedro_Independence day.JPG

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23_San Pedro_Guatemalan coffee roster.JPG

24_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

25_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

26_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

27_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

28_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

29_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

30_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

31_San Pedro_The Quetzal bird.JPG

32_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

33_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

34_San Pedro_celebrating Independence day.JPG

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36_San Pedro_Street life.JPG

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51_San Pedro_Tiny streets and mud houses.JPG

52_San Pedro_The cemetary.JPG

53_San Pedro_The cemetary.JPG

54_San Pedro_The cemetary.JPG

54_San Pedro_Written in Tutzujil, their local language.JPG

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57_The lake.JPG

58_The lake.JPG

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60_San Pedro_The market.JPG

61_San Pedro_The market.JPG

62_San Pedro_The market.JPG

63_San Pedro_The market.JPG

64_San Pedro_The market.JPG

65_San Pedro_The market.JPG

66_San Pedro_The market.JPG

67_San Pedro_The market.JPG

69_San Pedro_The market.jpg

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72_San Pedro_Chicken, boy and kite on the roof.JPG

73_San Pedro_Chicken, boy and kite on the roof.JPG

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